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The Darkest Hour

I was bound to another normal, rainy day at my dad's office when suddenly, a surprise call came from my uncle who announced he was going to bring me to the cinemas to watch The Darkest Hour.
    It was a nice movie about five people who survived a attack by invisible aliens which first appear in the form of a magical wave of Aurora Borealis or also called the  Northern Lights on the night they were in a club in Moscow. Their mission was actually to reach a submarine powered by nuclear to protect them from alien attacks and leave this place to find other survivors from around the world. They realized a way to break the alien shield's with microwaves thanks to the help of a scientist who was tragically killed not long after they met him. The invisible aliens which invaded Earth were actually only after the power supply of the Earth, humans were killed because they were a distraction to the aliens. In  the end, they reached the submarine thanks to the help of four tough Moscow men…

Orientation Day

29th of December -  I  went to my secondary school for a brief information about the school, its history, rules and regulations, improvements and some forms for us to fill. I saw many new faces, I was relieved and  overjoyed to see some of  my other friends there too. This made me feel  like I was not the only one here all lost and alone. The English teacher also told us that beginning from year 2012, our school will provide the Cambridge IGCSE English open to a capacity of seventy students. I hope and pray that I will be chosen to join this class.
+ The shiny badges +     After the orientation speech, we met up with the Boy's Brigade ( BB ) society and one of them showed us his armband studded with some nice, shiny badges. I didn't realize BB was so educational until then. Actually, I joined BB junior once when I was in my old school and earned white badge and green badge only.  I was so amazed there were so many badges in BB from the hiking badge to the camping badge. I think …

The Totally Late Christmas Spirit ;D

Oh my ... this holiday is so busy and chucked with activities. This was supposed to be posted a week ago but there was a Christmas carol at a Chinese restaurant on the 21st of December, a nice dinner at the Shabu Garden on the 23rd , a Christmas party on the 24th at my friend's home which was totally epic with a tasty, mouth-watering turkey. I don't always get to eat turkey all the time so that was the best part of the night. On the following day which turned to be a Sunday I went to church to celebrate a second Christmas party (Wow! This is turning out to be a jam-packed holiday ).

A few days ago, I received a parcel from my Blogger friend in Japan. It was a nice blue box with a nice Christmas treats bag overloaded with nice sweets,chocolates, savory biscuits,  dragon stickers and a nice little wooden helicopter from Japan. I really want to thank my Blogger friends because they always encourage me.     I wish I could eat the Christmas treats this instant. I wonder if  I can …

Youth Camp 2011

My church, TWC has organized a youth camp titled Faithbook which started on 15 Dec and ended on 17 Dec this year at the Genting View Resorts. 29 church members participated in this camp. As soon as we arrived, Faithbook t-shirts and notebooks were distributed among us participants. Later, our roommates were announced. Throughout this camp, I managed to learn so much more about my roommates. My favourite game was the amazing race, although it was quite tough I'm glad my team won the second place. The Lord touched lots of hearts during praise and worship and the sessions for this camp made us better people by advising us to make deals with God, be Christian who "sail on open waters" to make spiritual progress with the Lord, follow the examples of the storm riders of the past like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Gideon. This camp was really a wonderful experience to me.

My UPSR Rewards

After UPSR, I got straight A's and I guess studying hard does come with its benefits. Towards a better future and the good things like awesome rewards. As I was checking through the pile of letters for one that would be addressed to me although I don't get one in almost every half a year, but there I saw a enormous parcel on the table with an all too familiar address from my friend in Australia sending me chocolates, cookies and a much appreciated honey nougat bar. I think its a very thoughtful reward from her. 

Also from my mom, I received my very own N3DS as a gift of encouragement for the full score that I earned.All this rewards sure is good but I would like to give thanks for all my mom's hard work in guiding me all this while, taking good care of me and this valuable piece of N3DS from her.

Congregation day

Congregation day was a day where all of us Standard Six students gathered for the last time because we might not even be able to meet some of them in the future. We dined in the hall but the food didn't last much more than 10 minutes and beverages were not doing any better. After that, we wore grand robes and stood on the stage to take pictures together so that the sweet memories of our friends will still be with us until the end of time. I was glad that my name was among the nine which got stright A's in my UPSR result! However, this achievement  is like a drop of water from the vast oceans of my life. I still have yet to face many hard ships and challenges in the future :)

Random Modelling Clay Assignment

Finally another assignment completed! This time I did a random 7- dimension project. I was afraid some of these would get damaged since they were very hard to make compared to my angry Birds project which I had done earlier and bought a pill box or whatever it is called to keep my creations. And...

Yup! I put them in this pill box. This obviously reduces the damage taken by the modelling
 clay creation because they won't crash into each other get smashed, bumps etc. I made 3 angry birds again but bigger and more improved,  Barney, a Chibi, Doraemon and Courage Dog.

The angry birds were easier to make now since I had already made them before and paid more attention to the harder parts when making them. Barney was extremely difficult to make the most challenging areas were the arms and the thighs, I added extra clay to the  sides at the end so that thighs look more like the real character's. The Chibi was not too hard 
but too time-consuming because of its hair. The Doraemon was the…

7 ~ 16 October 2011: Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

The Big Bad Wolf  Book Sale is back again! Last year, during the Big Bad Wolf  Book Sale I bought a lot of wonderful books with low prices so this year I take my time to head down to MAEPS Serdang where the Big Bad Wolf  returns. This time the invasion is bigger and I managed to afford a box full of books to read after my year end examination. Hehe . . . this time I will have no fear of boredom throughout my year end holidays. All my time shall be used up on reading the books I have bought recently.
     If you are a book worm just like me, here is a great opportunity to buy all the books you desired to have at this gigantic book sale. If you want a further explanation, please visit theBig Bad Wolf website.

Logos Hope visits Malaysia

Last Friday, Logos Hope sent a small group of its crews consisting of five people from five different nationalities to my school's Christian Fellowship. They came from Argentina, Finland , USA, Mexico and the Bahamas. Their visit began with introducing themselves followed by singing songs and worshiping the Lord together. After that, we  played some games and watched a short clip and get to know what Logos Hope was built for, what the crew do aboard and bits of history about this ship which is also the largest moving library in the world. This ship which currently stops at Port Klang travels around the world, selling books to help the countries that are facing poverty.
As this piece of the Logos story unfolded I had the wish that I could  go to Port Klang and experience this ship with my own eyes that coming weekend. God is so good!  On Sunday, my parents invited a few of our church members to visit the Logos ship after church. 

  The trip from our church in KL began from most proba…

Alarm Clocks ~

Wow! It's been almost a year since I have done my last comic which was on the 28 of October 2010 and I finally have free time to complete a short comic ,"Alarm Clocks". Hope you like it.

I'm Free ~

UPSR  is finally over! It is one of Malaysia's important exams and also marks the last year in a primary school. Before the UPSR, my time was packed up as tightly with my additional classes and tuition. Now that I am free from UPSR , I guess I will be able to put more effort  to post more often.
   I wonder how  secondary will ever be when we step into a different stage of life. Will it be tougher? Will I get new friends? That is uncertain but one thing is for sure, no more cartoon bags or fancy pencils are going to be seen.  

Modelling Clay Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most addictive game around recently. Now that my trial exam is over, I can have a short break and continue blogging. During the  days of examination, I do some revision during the night and head off to bed early. When I find some time in between the times I do revision, I quickly head off to my room and work out my project. According to the game, these 3 birds are the first 3 avian missiles in the group. As I am saving up clay for further "projects", I only made the small ones fingernail-size. It might look easy but for me the smaller I make it, the more challenging it is to create one. It also consumes a lot of time to make the smaller three. You see, some accident occurred and the yellow bird  eyebrows just didn't look that nice anymore. I am very upset that the yellow bird didn't look like just the way I wanted it.

The black bird was rather an easy task because it wasn't too small but the main problem was its crest and beak. For the white bir…

Father & Son Bonding Time ( X - Men First Class )

4th June 2011- Today the women went out for a dinner and we (Gerard, Joel and I) were left with our fathers. One of the mothers suggested that we have a father and son bonding time at the theatre. At first,  I wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. We thought we could book 6 seats by online booking but we couldn't make it. Finally, we had to go to Mid Valley to queue up for the release tickets. The tickets for Kung Fu Panda 2 were all sold out so we decided to watch  X- Men : First Class. 

Before the movie began, we went to Pet World. There were plenty of  nice pets like a puppies, bunnies,  frogs and snakes. The frogs were so expensive. An exotic specimen frog could be worth RM 350. Unfortunately, we could only be at the pet exhibition for 10 minutes and we had to rush back to the cinema.  X-Men First Class First  Class stands for the first team of  X-Men mutants. This film is a history of how X - Men was formed, how Erik( Magneto) and a few of the other hereos became crooks in the future…

Holiday Is Here!

The mid-year holidays are here! At first I hope my family would come up  with some plans for travel during the holiday weekends. Unfortunately, they didn't and worse still half of my holiday was filled with additional classes. The good thing is there's only two more days left till freedom. By then, the  doom will be lifted from our backs and we still can have nine days of  holiday left. Then, we will have to be back to school for a long time till the next holiday is declared. T.T  Seriously short holidays.... ah, well we Standard Six just have to work hard for around 100 more days, face UPSR for 3 days and we can be trusting the school to give us extra holiday which is slightly more than the pupils in other standards. FREEDOM SHALL BE OURS!

Sports Day will fall briefly after our mid-year school holidays and this year my blue team will be dressed as pirates. This year, our Sport's Day is held slightly later than the last two years.Anyway, I'm still quite terrible at sports. …

Rainbow Waterfall

01 May 2011 Sunday -  We went to Sungai Lembing by car from about 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon.Before we began our trip, we ate hearty meal of seafood noodles. The whole trip from KL to Sungai Lembing was about 3 hours. We finally arrived at 4 p.m. When we arrived, we met up with everyone else. Altogether there were 35 of us.

Not long after we arrived we rented a few bicycles at  the foot of a path uphill. As I was not so good at cycling, driving uphill was very tiring and I was exhausted when I finally reached the top. 
At the top, we reached the Sungai Lembing Museum and decided to see the museum. Finally I knew the history of Sungai Lembing. It used to be famous for its mining areas underground which was filled with gold, jewellery, crystals coal and tin ores. 
These are the wide range of equipments used to dig out the underground resources. This is my first experience in being able to see the world below us and I have gained more knowledge about it from this visit.
We cycled to our seco…

Fire Drill

Groan . . .  Must have been something wrong I ate yesterday as I had diarrhea that night and it only ended after I had an urgent request to the toilet at school twice. Today school was just held as usual until..... Well, before I mention about that, here's how it started. "Pack your bags! We're going to the Dataran Ilmu for Civics,"stated my assistant class monitor.
When we got there, our Civics teacher, Cikgu Azman asked us to take out our Civics textbook and note book. He took a deep breath and was going to open his lips and give us a word of wisdom and that's when it happened.   RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG! The school bell took a blastoff and ringed for a long time. The fire drill was sounded. I looked around but saw no fire. Then, the whole school gathered at the volleyball court. It was all just a rehearsal. No fires, nothing. Then our teacher announced that we will have another fire drill rehearsal again but it would be differe…

Drawing Contest ( 28 / 4 / 2011 )

28 April 2011 - Today I participated in a drawing contest. We went to an army base ( the place where the drawing competition was held ) by Cikgu Khairul's car. Before we arrived, I first thought it was a school but later realized it was an army base when I saw the antique camouflaged cars and a separated jet.     Ah, I regretted not colouring the background because I might have stood a chance if I did. T.T   I didn't get anything. Well, I hope I get to win a prize the next time I can participate in a drawing contest. I'll have have to work harder in the future if  I want to win.....

Welcome Poh ~

Today, Poh Jian Hui came to visit us when we were having our  BM lessons and teacher let him enter.Truthfully, almost everybody in the class who knew him rushed at him and is was quite a chaos at that time as if a superstar  walking off  the stage and all the audience was rushing for his autograph but it  was a bit different.Everybody wasn't trying to take an autograph instead they were giving him a warm welcome. Handshakes, group hugs and high fives was done by everyone. Wow! It was quite a welcome and everyone was overjoyed except for some students who didn't know him. Oh, the old days ...
After school, we met him again and everyone went home except for him and me. After listening to some music from his phone, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink and I gladly accepted the offer. I tried to pay for both our drinks as he was my old friend but he denied the offer and right now his words are still ringing in my ears," Don't try to escape from me you, you little mong…

160 + days to UPSR ...

3rd April 2011 - In the blink of an eye, it's already April and the UPSR is just around 160 + days more. I have not even prepared anything yet.The Diagnostic test will be in 2 more weeks and the PKSR 1 will be a few more days after it.I think I must start working hard from today onwards. The subject  I am must worried most is BM (Bahasa Melayu). It is very difficult.
Well, recently so many movies are coming out like HOP and  Rio. It's like they are there to tempt me but..... my mother says I must stop this first. All she can offer me now is  badminton every Sunday. My badminton skills are teribble but I always enjoy playing with the adults. 

A Prayer - Tsunami And Earth Quake in Japan

It was sad to hea that the huge  8.9 earthquake and tsunami in Japan yesterday. It was all so tragic. My heart is breaking for Japan. My family and I are so worried. Our Japanese friend and her family live in Sendai Miyaki(where most of it happened). I have sent her an email yesterday and I am still waiting for her reply. I hope that she and her family are safe in God's arms.

"Lord, I pray that you will cast your arms to protect my friend and her family in Japan. May You keep them safe and sound. Lord, may you stop this uprising chaos and torture towards innocent hearts and bring peace upon this land. Lord, Almighty God may you strengthen their faith towards you and help them to be courageous. I pray also this earthquake does not hit anywhere near my friends and her family in the field of this earthquake and its after waves and shock that all will be held in your divinehand of love and protection. I trust you and love you Lord, I pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen…

Guangzhou, China Trip (Day 6 & 7)

Day  6 - In Guangzhou, Paradise for Women, the ladies who are my mum,sister Jennifer and Aunt Young Hee barged into the shops without waiting for us. Ha ha...... I heard  that Aunt  Young Hee was a " Champion Of Bargains"   =D 
Day 7 - We gentlemen spent the whole day waiting patiently while the ladies shopped endlessly.  

Guilin, China Trip (Day 5)

The 5th day - That morning we went sightseeing  by the Lijiang River. My dad and sister Jennifer took plenty of photos  at that time. It is said that Guilin has a lot of different varities of mountains.  
This tree is among one of most ancient highlights. This tree is well-known for  its age. It is more than a thousand years old. It was growing wider and its branches didn't grow upwards as it  had a rather short stem instead the branches also grew sideways. Somehow,  as the base area of the tree wasn't big enough its branches soon connected to the ground . However, as it was still growing the branches  formed roots and it seemed as if the ancient tree had connected itself to other trees.
That night, we travelled from Guilin to Guangzhou by train. At first, I thought it would be like a bullet train but we were going there by an ordinary old railway train which would take us at least  9 hours to arrive in Guangzhou. We ordered the beds for the night. This was the first time I had …

Guilin, China Trip (Day 3, 4)

The third day - After we checked out from the Longsheng Hotel, we took few hours to come back to Guilin, so we couldn't do much that day. At night, we walked along the riverside which was a short walk from our hotel.
The two pagodas behind us were said to be an amazing sight at night. In the  night, one shone brightly of a golden brown colour and the other shone a bright silver light upon the city.

Day 4 - We visited the biggest cave in Guilin - 冠岩Kwan'am Cave. As the entrance to the cave was quite narrow, we had to transfer to this mini-van .
This caving experience in China was quite special as we not only did everything on foot but also got to experience travelling by boat, train and lift for the first time.
During our travel by boat, the tour guide advised us not to put our hands up in the air and mind for our head as this part of the cave's top was close to the water.
 This part of the passageway covered by aluminium foil.
Inside the cave they placing colourful lights, the c…