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Beijing Summer Camp 2012

This year’s Beijing Summer Camp held on the 17th ~26th of July in the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) was the greatest camp I’ve ever been to.
When we arrived in the BFSU, it was already midnight so we just checked into our rooms but I was so excited that I didn’t get tired and decided to stay up for a little while longer. 
Without noticing that the sun rises earlier in the summer, I stayed up until I thought morning had already begun. Some of my friends woke up too and we were totally restless so we decided to have a walk around the school. As soon as we got out of our dorms, we saw plenty of beautiful places like the canteen, the hall and even the field but there was no one else around as the others were still sleeping while some other campers had still not arrived at the BFSU yet. Well, everyday day was better than the last and I am speechless about this amazing camp. 

           This camp really taught me a lot. I’ve had never experienced China from the perspective of a stu…