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Beware Of Fake Eggs ~

Today when I watched You tube I found this article about fake eggs made from China. It look so horrible and I think If you find the egg yolk is rather watery it's better to throw it away. Safety first or be sorry.... Watch this video! Not only eggs but grapes and some other food as well. We'd better be more careful when eating eggs in the future....

My 8th Comic - World Cup Or Thomas Cup :D ?

Dessert, Fruits or Soap?

I found these dessert, cup cakes and fruits from other website, they are actually Homemade Soap. I think people will probably buy it for collection and  are going to decide not going to use it,  because they are so pretty!
Handmade Coconut Milk Soap, I think better keep it away from the younger children who do not know about cake soap (*.*)
These 100% similar looking cupcake handmade soaps, wouldn't you want to get a bite?
Soap crafted in the shape of  fruits. According to the website, these soap can keep their beauty for 10-15 years unless the contact water.


Want to say 'Thanks' to Help forum friends

Last Saturday when I checked my older post, I found that I've lost so many older posts images which I posted from year 2008 to April 2010, I was so sad and worried that my blog lost all those images, without delay and deciding not to give up, I left my question at Blogger Help forum and tried finding some help. In these few days many of them tried to help me to solve the problem, they were so friendly and helpful. Finally (today) laura2 told me that my missing images showed Error 403 Forbidden. It means I  have changed my Picasa album from public to unlisted. So, I quickly checked my Picasa Album and it was exactly what laura2 told me, after I changed back the image modes to public, all my older images came back! I want to say thanks to all of you (The new Katney, rahulkhatri, Kobusnl, laura2.......) without your support I never got any further, I hope someday later I also can share something with all of you..........
Thank you!!!

Stamps Collection - Firefly

Date Of Issue: 10-05-2010

This stamp issuance features several fireflies species found in Malaysia. The most unique genus in Malaysia, that is the congregating fireflies, Pteroptyx spp., is featured in the 30sen stamp and RM5 Miniature Sheet. The 50sen stamps feature Lychnuris sp., a common firefly with a half moon head shield (pronotum) which is found at the forest edge, plantations and parks. The female of the Lychnuris is in larviform and cannot fly.
In Malaysia, there are many rivers where thousands on this species group together along the inter tidal mangrove rivers such as Kuala Selangor, where the fireflies display themselves on the Sonneratia caseolaris display trees along the river like 'Christmas trees'. 

The Miniature Sheet is very unique as the bottom part of the firefly's abdomen where the light is emitted is printed using a special transparent holographic foil to reflect a real firefly flashing at night.
Fireflies are beetles and are locally known as 'kelip-ke…

Stationery Troops Weapon ^.^

The anti-aircraft missiles pen holder can hold 6 pens and rotate 360 degrees

The Machine Gun Tape Dispenser hold a roll of tape in a cute manner Via

Happy Mother's Day 09-05-2010

Mum I thank you for you have take care of me for all these years. I thank you for preparing wonderful meals for me everyday. Mum I also want to thank you for encourage me when I need you. Mum I love you!
-Your Son, Henry Chay 

Blessed Mother's Day A baby asked God," They tell me you are sending me to earth  tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?" "Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you." The child further inquired," But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to do anything but sing and smile to be happy." God replied," Your angel will sing for you and also smile for you. And you will feel the angel's love and be very happy. Again the child asked," And how am I going to able to understand when people talk to me if I don't know the language?" God said," Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear and with much patience and care, your angel wi…

Jungle Trekking - Templer Park

02-05-2010----- After our jungle trekking visit at FRIM, the next day my uncle planned a visit to Ulu Yam Waterfall. We thought he knew the way to the waterfall but actually he didn't know it. We drove and drove but we didn't find the place so we decided to go to Templer Park. When we reached there, it was already 2.00pm. We took about one hour walked into a jungle to find a waterfall, on the way at the jungle we saw a troop of monkeys, some of us were scared and suggested to turn back but we didn't, Brother Ray said we should not easily give up...... Finally we reached  the waterfall, we were so happy and forgot of our weary feelings. Thank God because He gave us strength to continue our jungle trekking without fail, finally being able to find the destination and have a wonderful day with our family.

Leeches are common animals found in dampy places, such as the forest. These blood-sucking creatures look like branches when they have not absorbed blood. When we reached the w…

Rainforest And Canopy Walk (FRIM)

01-05-2010 was Labour Day, Aunt Ebbie organised a half day trip toFRIM(Forest Reserve Institute Of Malaysia) which is located at Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. This was the first time we walked through a Malaysian rainforest to help increase our understanding of the forest. This was a  back-to-nature experience, we were
enjoying the floral, fauna, landscapes.......We also crossed a waterfall and had a picnic over there. The highlight of this trip is the canopy walk above the tree tops. The canopy walkway was 200m long, it was constructed in 1992 with assistance of the Germans for scientific studies of above ground for seeing both flora and fauna. By the time we reached the beginning of the walkway. We were terrified as we moved warily along the walkway because the canopy was built 30m above ground level. Various species of palm trees were below the canopy.

I found this beetle, but its horn is still very short, My Dad
told me the horn will grow longer as the beetle grows.
We also found a St. Andre…

National Animals ~

Today I checked my Flag Counter and thought of a new post about national animals of my top six visitor's country. I am really grateful  for those of them who visit me often. Sorry for not posting other countries national animals because I am afraid that if I upload too many animal photos you will mistake my blog for a zoo  =D
Malaysia-Hornbill Hornbills are usually found in Sabah, a state in Malaysia. 
USA-Bald Eagle Bald eagle is an endangered species of eagle which can be found in USA. 
The national animal of Japan which are also usually found in Japan movies.
Australia- Koala Bear
This animal is only found in Australia and eats eucalyptus leaves.
United Kingdom- Red Fox
The red fox is an adaptible animal to snow and ice.

Canada-Beaver Beavers are aquatic animals with a floppy tail which build their houses out of wood.