The Darkest Hour

I was bound to another normal, rainy day at my dad's office when suddenly, a surprise call came from my uncle who announced he was going to bring me to the cinemas to watch The Darkest Hour.
    It was a nice movie about five people who survived a attack by invisible aliens which first appear in the form of a magical wave of Aurora Borealis or also called the  Northern Lights on the night they were in a club in Moscow. Their mission was actually to reach a submarine powered by nuclear to protect them from alien attacks and leave this place to find other survivors from around the world. They realized a way to break the alien shield's with microwaves thanks to the help of a scientist who was tragically killed not long after they met him. The invisible aliens which invaded Earth were actually only after the power supply of the Earth, humans were killed because they were a distraction to the aliens. In  the end, they reached the submarine thanks to the help of four tough Moscow men who worked together to survive but decided to stay in Moscow. If I was asked to rate for this movie,  I would give it four and a half stars of five stars.


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