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Guilin, China Trip (Day 3, 4)

The third day - After we checked out from the Longsheng Hotel, we took few hours to come back to Guilin, so we couldn't do much that day. At night, we walked along the riverside which was a short walk from our hotel.
The two pagodas behind us were said to be an amazing sight at night. In the  night, one shone brightly of a golden brown colour and the other shone a bright silver light upon the city.

Day 4 - We visited the biggest cave in Guilin - 冠岩Kwan'am Cave. As the entrance to the cave was quite narrow, we had to transfer to this mini-van .
This caving experience in China was quite special as we not only did everything on foot but also got to experience travelling by boat, train and lift for the first time.
During our travel by boat, the tour guide advised us not to put our hands up in the air and mind for our head as this part of the cave's top was close to the water.
 This part of the passageway covered by aluminium foil.
Inside the cave they placing colourful lights, the c…

Guilin, China Trip (Day 2)

On the second day, we went to some villages.

The scenery behind me is the Dragon's Back Terraced fields. The tour guide said the best period to visit this place is around May to September. Although it was winter time, I still think it looks terrific. However, as I was hungry I have to admit on a first sight it looked like bacon =D
Yummy, we had bamboo rice, bamboo chicken, steamed fish...... for lunch ~
After lunch, we walked further to observe the villagers life.
Long-Hair Village - We were invited to their banquet. We were told about the length of the hair and the longest was about 1.5 metres. In this village, even the old women had original black hair. Later,we watched how their traditional wedding ceremony was held and the record of how fast they could comb their hair.
That evening, we spent the night at the Longsheng Spa Centre  Hotel. It was special because it had about ten hot spring pools.We went to the nearer ones which were located side by side, one was a herbal hot spring bu…

Guilin, China Trip (1st day)

30-01-2011 We woke up at 4am since the taxi will drop us at KLIA air-port and the Air-Asia flight departure to Guilin is 6.30am. This year my father and Uncle Patrick decided a free and easy trip to Guilin and Guang Zhou, China. This time we went by Air Asia airline, the plane is a bit simple if compared to other airplanes, we didn't even have a TV or other entertainments during the 7 hours in the sky however I was still very happy because I sat with Joel and we had plenty of time to chat :p It was about 12.30pm when we finally arrived at Guilin airport. Instantly, as we got out of the plane, I felt a chill down my spine. However, upon taking a peep outside, the state also seemed to be covered with small hills from every side. It was an amazing sight. It was so cold. Brrrrr. it was around 2 ~ 9 degrees Celsius.  We  went for lunch upon getting out of the airport. We tried a famous food in Guilin - rice noodles.  
It tastes somewhat like a mixture of sour + spicy, my parents enjoyed …
On the26th of January 2011, I received a parcel from Japan. It was a big box of surprises from my friend.
A parcel from a Japan's friend.
Inside the parcel there is a box of Japanese curry paste, a pair of chopsticks (looked like pencil) , a packet of  furikake and a Choir CD. This is the first time I hear her voice, it was their choir concert, wonderful voices ~ 
I would like to give thanks to this friend, I followed the recipes she attached with this letter, I learn to cook Japanese Curry and created an album.... :)

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