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The Darkest Hour

I was bound to another normal, rainy day at my dad's office when suddenly, a surprise call came from my uncle who announced he was going to bring me to the cinemas to watch The Darkest Hour.
    It was a nice movie about five people who survived a attack by invisible aliens which first appear in the form of a magical wave of Aurora Borealis or also called the  Northern Lights on the night they were in a club in Moscow. Their mission was actually to reach a submarine powered by nuclear to protect them from alien attacks and leave this place to find other survivors from around the world. They realized a way to break the alien shield's with microwaves thanks to the help of a scientist who was tragically killed not long after they met him. The invisible aliens which invaded Earth were actually only after the power supply of the Earth, humans were killed because they were a distraction to the aliens. In  the end, they reached the submarine thanks to the help of four tough Moscow men…

Orientation Day

29th of December -  I  went to my secondary school for a brief information about the school, its history, rules and regulations, improvements and some forms for us to fill. I saw many new faces, I was relieved and  overjoyed to see some of  my other friends there too. This made me feel  like I was not the only one here all lost and alone. The English teacher also told us that beginning from year 2012, our school will provide the Cambridge IGCSE English open to a capacity of seventy students. I hope and pray that I will be chosen to join this class.
+ The shiny badges +     After the orientation speech, we met up with the Boy's Brigade ( BB ) society and one of them showed us his armband studded with some nice, shiny badges. I didn't realize BB was so educational until then. Actually, I joined BB junior once when I was in my old school and earned white badge and green badge only.  I was so amazed there were so many badges in BB from the hiking badge to the camping badge. I think …

The Totally Late Christmas Spirit ;D

Oh my ... this holiday is so busy and chucked with activities. This was supposed to be posted a week ago but there was a Christmas carol at a Chinese restaurant on the 21st of December, a nice dinner at the Shabu Garden on the 23rd , a Christmas party on the 24th at my friend's home which was totally epic with a tasty, mouth-watering turkey. I don't always get to eat turkey all the time so that was the best part of the night. On the following day which turned to be a Sunday I went to church to celebrate a second Christmas party (Wow! This is turning out to be a jam-packed holiday ).

A few days ago, I received a parcel from my Blogger friend in Japan. It was a nice blue box with a nice Christmas treats bag overloaded with nice sweets,chocolates, savory biscuits,  dragon stickers and a nice little wooden helicopter from Japan. I really want to thank my Blogger friends because they always encourage me.     I wish I could eat the Christmas treats this instant. I wonder if  I can …

Youth Camp 2011

My church, TWC has organized a youth camp titled Faithbook which started on 15 Dec and ended on 17 Dec this year at the Genting View Resorts. 29 church members participated in this camp. As soon as we arrived, Faithbook t-shirts and notebooks were distributed among us participants. Later, our roommates were announced. Throughout this camp, I managed to learn so much more about my roommates. My favourite game was the amazing race, although it was quite tough I'm glad my team won the second place. The Lord touched lots of hearts during praise and worship and the sessions for this camp made us better people by advising us to make deals with God, be Christian who "sail on open waters" to make spiritual progress with the Lord, follow the examples of the storm riders of the past like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Gideon. This camp was really a wonderful experience to me.