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The New 2012 Malaysian Banknotes

I recently received news that Malaysia will be having new banknotes through The Star Newspaper. I was so excited to know more and and decided to browse the Internet about it and the images were not complete so I surfed on YouTube and chose the best video I could find. This video however is in Malay but the things are all about the special things available in Malaysia. I am especially interested in the twenty ringgit-note. The  twenty ringgit note which was used in the past ceased existence before I was born so I feel very happy to be able to see a RM20 note for the first time. Anyway, here's the video I saw on YouTube.

My Secondary School

I am currently a student in a secondary school. This school is a cluster school and is extremely strict on its rules.
        I was told by my class teacher that there was going to be a reading  corner located at the back of our class which we would be given the chance to sit there on a rug and read a book. I'm dreaming of a nice comfy red rug and a big fat book filled with interesting stories but we are going to be using someone's old rug  which is still in good shape but usable and books which are going to be distributed by ourselves since the shelves are empty. Too bad comics couldn't be brought to school since I was hoping of reading some.  T.T  Anyway, I was thinking of sharing some books that had been read already. Anyway, I am already starting to like my new school.
I hope for all the best in this school. 

A Head Start for year 2012 ~

Another year has flown by in the blink of an eye. Six days ago which was the first of January this year, I was baptized with water. Water baptism is the will of the Lord and now since I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, I am resurrected. I hope I can publish more posts this year than I did in 2009. I hope to overcome my highest record which is 108 posts but I wonder if I will succeed this year.

Year 2011 Report

2008 - This was the year my blog was born. At that time life was rather deserted and that was because I didn't know how to manage my blog at that time. I only did 17 posts that year. 
2009 - In 2009, I did the most posts for my blog which was 108 posts. This was the year I met two extremely kind and encouraging friends and the first year we began to send treats to each other. To look back, I am kind of proud of this year.
2010 - I was lazier than the last year instead of being . I only managed to do 83 posts. Life was kind of good that year. However, nothing much to talk about. . .
2011 - Due to the UPSR exam I only managed 28 posts. T.T  Wow! A terrifying drop from 2009 onward. I had. . . 
the best times of the year  - A trip to Guilin & Guangzhou with my family, my UPSR rewards and the youth camp of year 2011.
the busiest time of the year - Preparing for UPSR and modelling clay projects.
the 100% bookworm month which was in October when I had only two posts which concerned of Logo…