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Famous Food in Malaysia - Satay

30-01-2001 (Saturday) Aunt Cindy came to our house, my mum didn't cook at home so we went to Kajang Town to have dinner. Kajang is a famous "Satay Town", there is a lot of shops selling Satay. The old man is roasting the satay for us.......
Special peanut sauce with or without sambal, ketupat (rice dumpling) and onions.
I dipped the satay with the peanut sauce........ yummy!!!
This shop is different with other shops because here you can get more choices, we ordered chicken, beef, mutton, duck and fish satay. This was my first time to try the duck and fish satay. My mum likes the duck satay which was marinated with a little bit of curry powder.... Dad and Aunt Cindy like mutton satay... I will prefer fish which was little bit sweet.
We also ordered some otak-otak (fish paste wrapped with banana leaf). It was also our Malaysian favorite food.

27-01-10 Breakfast

27-01-10 Morning, My mum cooked me 2pcs of pork chop with a pita, this was the first time I  ate pita, it was new to me.

She cut the pita to half, it looked like a pocket, then my mum put the food inside the pita. It looked like Doraemon's pocket.  ^^

A parcel from Aunt Minako

This afternoon I've received a parcel from Aunt Minako (Japanese friend), she sent the parcel by EMS, it was so costly! I'm so sorry because last time (during Christmas) she failed to send me a parcel because it was lost somewhere, it is maybe of the peak season's mail congested. I really did't expected her to send me this parcel by courier.
Aunt Minako is very considerate, she sent us a lot of winter items, because she knew that we will visit Japan in February (winter period).
These are some socks with a note " To dad" and "To mum", my parents felt so warm and appreciated. See, she even sent us a heating pad and wrote down a note for me and my family. She also gave me some treats..... :)

A parcel from Sister Grub

I've received a parcel from Sister Grub last week. She sent me a book titled "How To Draw Cartoons". I can learn a lot of drawing skills from the book. This is a drawing that I want to dedicate to Sister Grub ( grub-town recipe).

Comic Contest

Please right click on the picture and choose "Open Link and new tab" to enlarge the whole comic ^^

I participated a Comic Contest with title "A Two Character Study" at a website pixton.comIt is a great website, I get to know this website few months ago, I like the funny comics which is short and created by user, and this time I would like to take a opportunity to participate a contest. Hope some of you may like the comic which created by me and vote for me (by henrychay). With your support may be I can be a winner! ^.^

Erasers ~

Nowadays, things get better and even more fashionable,even stationery. My cousin gave me the eraser package as shown above. It's so nice that I didn't even think of using it. Set 1: Baby eraser set Set 2 : (peanut erasers with emotional looks) Set 3: Animal Balance Set 4 : Ladybugs x 3 Set 5: Food set ( Wish I could eat it) Set 6: lunch box eraser set ( So real)

Prehistoric Acts # 2

11 January 2010, Monday.

My mum cooked a box-lunch for me this morning.This time,my mum added something new to my box-lunch set which is a Bovril-Soup in a thermos mug . . . . . . . . . . .

All the items are put in this reusable bag.
    This is already my second week at school. Our BM teacher is very funny. He told us jokes and sometimes even played with us. Now, I think I wouldn't be bored on BM classes anymore. I am still sitting at the back of the class because our class teacher, Puan Suhaila has been absent since the first day of school. I hope she comes tomorrow, if she does, I will ask her to let me sit in front.

Chinese Painting 3

That was quite long time I didn't practise the chinese painting. Today I have a mood and picked a page from "The basic of learning Chinese Painting" book and I wanted to learn to draw Golden Fish and Bubble Eyes Fish. Before I draw the picture on the rice paper (that was a type of thin paper special for drawing the chinese painting) I try some draft on the old newspaper. After five minutes, I started to follow the book instruction step by step .......
First, I drew the fish head, after that the body and the tail.... last drew the eyes and touch up some line on the tail.
Yeah! I finished four numbers of fishes.
Lastly, I added some float grass and some stones.
Okay, finished! Related topic click Chinese Painting 1and Chinese Painting 2

First Day of 1st Semester 2010

04 Jan , today is a first day of 1 st Semester. I'm standard five this year. Martin followed our car to school, he was in the same class with me. Some of the last year teachers didn't teach us anymore this year, instead they were some new faces (teachers)who are about to teach us this year. Our form teacher was absent today, Cikgu Faizol was temporaly replace her. Cikgu Faizol was also our Science teacher, everyone like him because he was so friendly with us. Since today is the first day of the school there was no lesson, some teachers told us a lot of jokes... I felt so good I can come back to this big school life.......................... Wish everyone has a wonderful year!

Outing 01 JAN 2010 (Part 1)

01 Jan 2010 (Friday) Happy New Year!!
Today our cell has an outing to Pahang. Uncle Andy organized a one-day trip to Elephant park, even we just visited last month, but we still join them because last trip was a family trip but this time was church's fellowship trip.
We reached the Elephant Park at 10.30am, the information counter told us that the program will start at 2.45pm. Without wasted time for waiting, Uncle Tony brought us to a nearest orchard which is belong to his brother.
This is the first time I visited to an orchard, it was a lot of fruit trees like rambutan trees, durian trees, duku trees.... Uncle Joe (the orchard's owner) was so kind, he let us climbed up to the tree and plucked the fruits as much as we like. We have fun and we hope we can camping at this place next time.
2.45pm we went back to the Elephant Park, we take park some program like feeding the elephant, ride on the elephant, bath with elephant in the river.... all these I miss last trip, so it was so gr…

Outing - 01 JAN 2010 (PART 2)

Next we visited Colmar Tropicale, but by the time we reached there, it was already too late, we missed some recreation points like the Japanese Village Garden, Horse Riding and Rabbit Farm. We have captured some photos and had a buffet dinner at a restaurant. It was raining heavily that night, we left the restaurant and we went home at 10pm.