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End Of 2010 - A New Year Tomorrow!

Today is the 31st of December. The last day  of this year, 2010!

Achievements I did this year (which I probably wouldn't be able to do next year because of UPSR):
-  82/365 posts [ supposed to be done daily] T3T Lazy me.....
-  New  gadget in blog : Smilebox slideshow
- Earned " Best for English" certificate in school
- Read about 100 books (included repeating some) Hehehe....

Famous achievements (2010) of the world:
- Paul  the smart octopus and doing perfect calculations for Africa World Cup
- Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook became famous

Happy New Year 2011!

Blessed Christmas 2010

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Skytrex Adventure - 19 November 2010


A visit to the Dentist ~

Yesterday, I went for a visit to the dentist because my dad thought I had a new tooth when my milk tooth was still there. He told my father that, that was a new molar tooth and it was not a canine with another canine behind it. So, there was no problem. My mother told the dentist that I had another molar that was deeply decayed and told him to pluck it out. Then he told us that it would cause severe pain if he took action. Actually when we arrived at the tooth clinic, we waited for half an hour before it was my turn. Without few seconds after the tooth checkup, then suddenly....SWOOSH! What !? *Faint..... What happened?  Arrgh !!! That evil dentist cost me  RM15 for a checkup barely half a minute. Ouch! That's a whole lot of money. After a research on the Internet, I found out that the job of a dentist can earn quite a great deal of cash each month. I think I'll probably put this in my ambition list..............

Caving Exploration - Tempurung Cave

28 November 2010 I woke up early this morning deciding to explore Tempurung Cave together with Aunty Ebbie's family and friends alongside with Le Chi's family. There was a total of 23 people in our group. We took about two and a half hours drive there as it was a long way away from our homes. We arrived at Tempurung Cave (located at  Perak, Land Of Grace) at nine thirty in the morning. 
The entrance fee for the Grand Tour was  RM 22 per adult and RM11 per child. When we arrived we took a look at the map and  it looked  something like this ........
The Grand Tour(Package 4) had four compartments and our tour took three and a half hours and we saw lots of cave formations that  we shouldn't miss but we didn't get to capture many pictures about them as our  tour guide was a bit too fast.  First, we are told to walk on the platform and stairs  to explore the cave's first compartment. This compartment is filled with lights and this is the easiest compartment. Most of the cav…

Tempurung Cave, here I come !


A wonderful day with my friends~

Aunt Young Hee invited me to her house last Thursday. As I thought of not disturbing others too early in the morning I was the last one to arrive at her house. When I arrived, they (Joshua and Joel) had already finish reading their storybooks while I just started. After reading,we played for awhile... At noon, Aunt Young Hee made some sushi for us. It was very delicious.
Later in the afternoon, we watched Megamind in 3D.Using those 3D glasses to watch movies make them pop-out of the screen making the movie more thrilling .
In the early evening, we went to Joel's friends house to swim. There was another friend there, he was Gerard. Joel, Gerard and I did some swimming competition. As we were swimming halfway, a rainstorm  befell us. We had to stop swimming. After a short bath, our parents also came. All of us ate at the cafeteria. We ate beefburgers and went home

How I am going to spend my school holiday!

School had ended a week ago and I was in a panic of what to do until last Sunday. I went for a chess tournament that day and sadly won 2 rounds and got a draw only (in 6 rounds, how embarassing T-T). After finishing the chess tournament, my parents came to fetch me home. As I got in the car, I was shocked. The car was filled with all sorts of books. My mum told me she bought these books from the annual " Big Bad Wolf  Sale". So, I decided to leave my holiday in a pile of  books.After reading most book titles I saw a rather fascinating one. It was called " Think Like A Maths Genius". It taught me some powerful mind reading....
Ok, try this sum by using your brain or calculator or anything.....

First, choose a number,any number. Then,double it and add 12. Now, divide your number by two. Subtract your answer by your original number. Is your answer by any chance 6 ?

Melaka Trip November 2010

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A Season Greeting From Japan

Today I received a letter from my blogger friend. She gave me 3 packet of nice stickers.The first packet was full of dinosaur stickers while the second packet was filled with Christmas  stickers and last packet  is a very adorable set of five glasses. In the letter, she told me that Japan was getting cold. Japan is so great to have 4 seasons each year. I thank God that I have blessed to experience winter  in Japan.  It was really a memorable trip. I hope I will have a chance to experience spring, summer  and autumn in other countries :)

Children's Day 29-10-2010

Our Children's Day this year started at the school hall. When we entered the hall, we listened to lots of speeches prepared by the teachers. After the speeches, there were 2 performances. The first one was a solo violin performance and the second was a piano performance that was called Solatino. This year, the PIBG provided a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal. Sadly, our KFC arrived late so we sang a few songs like Love Story by Taylor Swift, 1 Malaysia a national Malaysian song and other songs. After singing about 6 songs, the KFC meal finally arrived. After taking our KFC meal we returned to our own classes respectively.When we arrived back at our own class, lots of food and beverages were provided.There were too much so all of us had to bring some home. I took a lot ( I think all that I took was enough to last me through one week =D). 
Later on, I gave everybody presents. Some people from other classes were caught red-handed for stealing the presents. Later on, we cleaned up the cla…

My Comic - Superstition

A day in the kitchen ~

Even after the school final exam I am still busy because my teacher told us there is another exam (UPSR Trial) is on 08 ~ 10 November.  So bored ..........................Mum bought a plastic ice-cream mould, it's looks easy to use. I tried it out.
I made a cup of grape juice and a cup of malty chocolate.
After few hours freezing, I successfully made some ice-cream.
The colour of the chocolate flavoured ice-cream was not even. Maybe I didn't stir it well before I poured it into the mould =P 
After that I was thinking about a  packet of Japanese flavouring from Sister Grub. I tried it out for dinner....
Since mum was busy today, she only cooked some fish paste and vegetable, I put this Japanese flavouring on top of my white rice, yummy. Simple and nice :)

Sea of Lights

This week I am busy doing my school's project.... and prepare for exam :( . 
Yesterday night, when mom bought me to a shopping centre to buy some groceries, we accidentally found an exhibition called the "Sea Of Lights".
Wow, all of the fishes and ocean life is made from recycled items.
This is the picture of a sea sponge. Abig part of it was made from used sponge ~

This clown fishes are made from sponge, glue,used paper. While the corals are made from spoons and straws A Vitagen bottle seahorse =D Fancy that Wow! Amazingly this is the best. It looks so realistic. It is made from sponge.

New Soccer Shoes

Last Friday, after tuition at my friend's house his parents gave me a pair of brand new Adidas soccer shoes. Actually, my friend's father bought these shoes for him but it did not fit my friends for the shoe was a small pair of shoes. When they let me try it on, it fitted perfectly. These are such wonderful shoes. I thank God for such favour!

Vietnam Spring Rolls

Last Saturday, I went to Joel's house. Aunty Yoong Hee prepared a special meal for us. There were sliced vegetables, fruits; meat, mee and spring roll skins provided on the table.  Aunty Yoong Hee taught us how to prepare our own Vietnam spring rolls. It was very simple:-
1. We must take a piece of spring roll skin and wet it thoroughly in a bowl of water.
2. We are thus able to place whatever ingredients that we desire on the wetted piece of spring roll skin (we cannot overload the amount of ingredients or else it will be too big or it will not fit).
3. Then, we are finally able to start wrapping the spring roll.

I was placing some of my favorite ingredients on the wetted spring roll skin. My favorites were the fragrant, glutinous pork XD

See! This is a complete Vietnam spring roll. Yummy!