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Learning to fix Wheel Barrow....

Today I help my dad to fix a wheel barrow, my mum said as a boy we must learn some handyman skill.

Matthew's Birthday

Last Saturday, Aunt Emily called to my mum invited us to Matthew's pool side party at their condominium. Matthew invited some of our classmate like Joel, Iris, Nicole, me and also his cousins and friends. The party started at 11.00am and ended at 3.00pm. The place is wonderful and especially Aunt Emily's homemade Cheese Cake was very delicious!!

Holiday Activities: BOWLING!!!

I went to Ampang Superbowl with my cousins, my uncle taught me how to play bowling. I was holding a 6pounds bowling ball. Then, I targeted the bowling ball towards the sticks.
Roll! Do you know what is my result?Guess!

Story Books

Last Saturday, My parents brought me to the Perpustakaan Negara again to borrow some books. There was so crowded during school holiday. Mum was chosen 4 Mandarin Stories Books, but I feel more hard for me this time, mum encouraged me to study more Mandarin Books, because she said now a day Mandarin is one of the very important subject for us.

My Stamps Collection - Seashells of Malaysia

This is my latest stamps collection - Seashells of Malaysia, the date of issued is 11/11/2008 I like to collect stamps and exchange some extra stamps with my friends. The picture as shown has 4 stamps and a first day cover.

Speech Day (12/11/2008)

Putera of Tarian Zapin
Puteri of Tarian Zapin

Our future Miss Malaysia???


Before my art exam, teacher gave us a picture, and we had to memorize this picture. My parents taught me how to draw and colour the picture, both of my parents like art too. My mum taught the colouring skill and my dad showed me how to put shadow. I'm so blessed that I have 2 great art teachers.

3 Aman Children's Day (27/09/2008)

Our school celebrated Children's Day on 27/09/2008 (Saturday). At 8.30am we all went to the assembly hall, some teachers and students presented dancing & drama shows for us.
At the same time, some of our parents were busy for preparing the foods and decoration our classroom.
About 9.30am when I went back to the classroom, I felt so happy because our classroom became very clean and decorated with the colourful balloon. Our parents were prepare the music, games, gifts, foods and party pack for us.
I would like to say thank you to my mum, all the parents and teachers, they gave us a wonderful memorable Children's Day.

The Mooncake Festival

The Mooncake Festival is around the corner again, I like this festival because I can eat the sweet mooncake and I also can play lantern with my friends.

Beside the traditional baked lotus mooncake, I also like the jelly mooncake.... but of course the most I like is the Haagen Dazs ice-cream mooncake. Dad is not going to buy the ice-cream mooncake this year, because he said it is very expensive, he bought me the new favourite the snowy mooncake filled with red bean, hmmm not bad....

This year we will celebrate the mooncake festival party with our church members in Joel's house, I hope we can admire the brightly and fullest moon, and we also can play lantern, candle, and games together.

3D Chalk Drawing by Julian Beever

So, Amazing The artist can draw the picture on the tiles, and make it look like 3D, I received these picture from Leona, but before that I also saw some similar photo from my uncle, who now is working in Abudabi, I think these picture is from Tubai. I hope one day I can travel to Tubai and take somemore these type special effect photo.

Faith gave me an e-mail !!!

01 Sept 2008 Monday,

Today is a holiday, I'm so happy that I have received an e-mail from Faith, she is my classmate. She and her family already moved to Vietnam, because her father get a job in Vietnam. Before she moved, I have gave her my email, and I really very happy, at lease we can keep in torch from today onwards.
I hope I can use my blog to tell her what happen in our class, and also upload our classmate's photo show to her next time. At the same time if I have any news from Faith I will also report to your all.


I'm so disapointed, the MC - Olympic Fuwa 5pcs set, I just only collect 3pcs only. I missed the first one, and the fourth one, O..........I think I really can't make it already, so sad........... (p/s: Is there anyone have the extras and wanna to bless me?)


Yesterday morning, while I was brushing my teeth, some blood came out from my mounth, and I felt pain. At 10.00a.m, Aunt Cindy bring me to Klinik, because my parent are busy in the office.

When we reached to the Klinik Koh, Dentist Army Empol attended me, he is a good patient dentist, he checked carefully and found out one of my teeth (molar) has a big hole, and there were food stuck inside the hole but he would not pull out my tooth because he said, this molar teeth can stay two more years, if he pulled out the teeth for me it would make the other teeth grow unusually.............

Can you believe that how much the dentist charged me included the consultation fees and he also gave me two tube sample kid's tooth paste, this altogether only RM 10.00. God really blessed me loh..............

School Holiday (16/08/08 ~ 24/08/08)

Yeah, School holiday started, I no need to go to school, and I can have a big rest....................., but I also a quite disappointed, because dad didn't plan holiday trip for me. This few days I just stay at my dad's office, nothing to do, luckily my mom let me use her lap-top.


I'm a bookworm, this is maybe because since I'm seven years old, mum and dad always bring me to borrow the books from Perpustakaan Negara. Today we have to return the books (today is due day), Actually I like English books, but mum want me learn more language, so she choosed for me 2 B.M story books, 3 Mandarin story books and I choosed 4 English story books. I like to read.....................

Sorry, Cik Vijaiya

Sorry Cik Vijaiya,

Last Sunday, my mother checked my homework, and she found my Kesihatan exercise book. She saw your comment "Sangat Baik" and cancelled the word, she asked me what happen, I told her what I did.

She disciplined me and explained to me that I was wrong, because God created me with drawing talent and give me a good teacher who always encourage me but I didn't say thanks to you and boasted myself, I make you disappointed, I deeply hope you can forgive me teacher.
From this case I learned from The Bible James 4:10.
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up"

1st Testing

Hi, everybody! I have already employed Buzz as my assistant. Ha ha ha.......