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Comic # 3

Looking for a typing tutor for the beginner

During the school holiday, I have take part the "Enrichment School Holiday Program" which is held 3 times in a week. I like going to this tuition center because last year's holidays I joined the program before. It also includes a free art lesson weekly.
Last Wednesday, I went to my friend's cafe and he is an aggressive and smart boy. He knows a lot about computers. He promised to teach me a few animation lessons. I can't wait to learn animations and other computer knowledge from him. He said my typing skills are low. So I am trying my best to find a few typing tutor websites.


Finally, my Dad bought me the Wii last Sunday. We tried out the fitness age game yesterday night. There are three games baseball, tennis and bowling.
My dad Wii Fitness Age was51 and my mumHaha...... she was shocked, her Wii Fitness age was 74 years old. They said they should exercise more next time.
Oh look! My Wii fitness age was 55 years old, it was older than my Dad =( I must challenge them and I believe I can get a better result next time. I must improve in my balance and stamina. But most importantly my speed. Anyway, I found that Wil is not only a play station it also can let our family exercise together in cooperation.

Boy's Brigades' Awards Day

I earned my White and Green Badges this year but
my old school Boy's Brigade will hold their BB only
compulsory for their own students next year, so if I want to
continue BB I'll have to continue at my new school........ T.T
difficult to see my old school friends next time.

These are my old school friends in BB. From left to right:
Jeremy, Ming Cheng, Le Chi, and HenryChay(me.)

We prensented a song " Heal The World" on the stage.

Eugane's Birthday Party

Last Saturday was Eugane's birthday party. It was a western food buffet party at Menara Tinjau's Lookout Point's Haven restaurant. It was really a nice lookout point around K.L's view. There was also a clown who performed some magic tricks at the party. I felt so happy to see most of my old school friends there. The parents chat among themselves, while the children played their games. It was a really nice day. I believe the view would look better there at night or dawn.

Kirigami (^o^)

These two days I didn't go to school because my dad went to Beijing and that no one had time to pick me up after school. Actually, there is also nothing to do in school this few days because the year end exam has ended.

Today, I'm so free.... and I made kirigami as below slide represents my art works.
Hope some of you will like it (^o^)

Dad went to Beijing

14 November 2009, Cloudy Day.....

My Dad went to Beijing, China yesterday by a midnight flight.It is winter time and also snowing at Beijing now.... this morning he gave us a morning call and he said it is very cold in Beijing.
This is the first time he went traveling without me & mum. He went there with 3 of his friends, and mum said next time she will also travel with her sisters without me and Dad, I'm thinking when is my turn that I can go traveling with my buddy? Hehehe..

A Happy Day

Today is a happy day.
1) I got my report card from our form teacher, she encouraged me a lot, and my mum was also quite satisfied my result, as she promised me before the exam, she would buy me a Wii if I scored her target. Yeah.... I'm waiting to get a Wii (so far, my parents didn't buy me any PS or Game Boy)
2) My old school classmate - Martin was successful transferred to my new school and he might become my classmate again.
3) My homework (the K H project) was kept by the teacher, and she said it will be a sample to show to the next year students. 4) I'm the first one who finished the Malay storybook "Leman Penjual Kuih" in our class, I think it was a good improvement, because last time I rarely pick a Malay book to read, actually it was also very nice.

Grandma's Special Chicken Wing

This is my Grandma Spc. Homemade Chicken Wing. She adds fish paste, some prawn and other kinds of meat into a mixture then inserts it into the chicken wing. Then she cooks the delicious recipe for our family sometimes. It is so delicious. You can try it out!

My 1st Clay Creation

Today, I found a piece of clay on the ground. I picked it up and the first thing I ever thought of was, Pablo Picasso who was a famous artist. So I started creating an artist. After a while, I finished the Clay Artist. My mum says that it looks cute but it is dim among colours. She told me she would buy some coloured clay for me next time.

Children's Day 03 Nov 2009

(03 Nov 2009) was a nice day. It was Children's Day at our school. Kuntum's Mascot came to our school and so did a clown.The clown plays magic tricks with us. Too bad I didn't take a photo with the Kuntum Mascot because there were too many people T.T
After tons of performances I could not wait to eat. We went back to class. Even before teacher said we could start eating I accidentallycuri makan* the KFC drumstick which Cikgu Thamotharan sponsored for the school. I also got a lot of snacks, my mum prepared a lot of party packs for each of my classmates. The whole day was certainly our Liberty Day!

curi makan* = a Malay word which means eating without permission :P