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Sports Day ~ ~ ~

Last Saturday was my school sport day, I didn't post it on time, because I was waiting  for someone to post more photos....... but after few days no one updated their photos on their blog or facebook website yet. So I just posted a few photos here. This year my parents didn't go to my school because they were very busy on that day, so I didn't get to capture any photos during the program, mum just
captured a few photos before the program started, but I knew she
tried her best.......We celebrated our Sports Day at the secondary
school's field which is just next to our primary school. We have four
colour houses - blue, red, green and yellow. I was in blue house I
was not chosen by teacher for any sport program :P because I really
weak in sports, that's why you can see that I am very small in size,
mum always complained that I didn't grow like the people on my
same age :( Anyway, I participated in marching, and our team was
the winner! That whole day was very fun,the …

I like reading ^_^

The World Book Day and The Earth Day is on the same date this year which is 22-04-2010, although it was already pass, but some book shops are still have "Promotion", there are a lot of book have great discount, I went to two book shops in this week, I went to Popular book shop to buy some revision books and also went to MPH to buy some story books.
The souvenir from Popular Book Shop -  World Book Day book marks For story books I would prefer MPH book shop,  there are more choices :)

An Old First Day Cover ~

20-04-2010, While I was enjoying a wonderful collection of stamps in my father's stamp album, I found this "Cats" first day cover - year 1999. Year 1999 was the same year I was born, this  means this first day cover is same age with me :)  I was enjoying to see stamps collection, the art is very nice.
The back of  this envelope is a black and white striped cat, doesn't it look like a real cat?
Attached in this first day cover, it is a cats album. Inside the albums there is a lot of cats photos and their information. This series issued while that was an International Cat Show in 1999.

** There is a state call Kuching (The city of cats) in Sarawak, Malaysia. I have visited  Kuching with my family few years ago, I still remember that there were so many cat statues built in the city, and there is even a world one and only  "Cat Museum" in Kuching.


Yesterday, I went to my uncle's house. I saw a small aquarium which is about 1 feet in width and 10 inches in height. It was filled with many species of guppies.  I really admire that my cousin sister has so many pet fishes. Sigh....  I tried asking my parents about getting a kitten or puppy as a pet but to no avail. They complained so much about dog fleas, vet fees, the fur, train it to pee/poo at the potty......................They were afraid I'd get a lack o' patience and just give up on training it and taking care of it.  Now, for Plan B, after seeing this aquarium I asked them for some fish such as catfish, arovana, guppies and other sorts of carp. They said they just might get me some...... Yay! What a sucess!           =D           =D         =D 

See..... the wonderful guppies and some special fish with a glow-in-the-dark strip on their backs. Isn't it nice?

Giraffes ~

When I read the article from Our daily bread 13-04-10,  I suddenly got an idea to post something on my blog. I suddenly had a mood to make an origami giraffe, after seaching for a while, I found a video of how to fold origami giraffe. It is easier to learn it step by step. It is not so easy, this is the third one after I threw the 1st and the 2nd failures :p
Notes about Giraffes

Giraffes  are the tallest land animal and can grow up to 18 feet tall.  The giraffe's neck can be up to 6 feet long, and its tongue can stretch 20 inches.  Each animal's coat has a unique pattern, muck like human finger prints.  The giraffe has one of the shortest sleep requirement of any mammal, which is between ten minutes and two hours in a 24-hour period, it's means their averaging sleeping hours are 1.9 hours per day only (*o*)

Three in a Row ~

Three (Folio's) projects one right after another during these 2 weeks... No choice but I have to finish it on time because it cost from about 20 to 40 marks in my Mid- Year Exam. First, a Geography (Kajian Tempatan) project. Just when it was finished, a music project comes in the way. When done, a Health Education (Pendidikan Kesihatan) project appears. Now, my Health Education project is still in process.  T.T  It has to be passed up before 30th April 2010. Let's hope there will be no more projects after this one or else I might not have enough time to post something on my blog.      Anyway, these projects have to be done solo. Everything including the  scrap book cover, image searching, information searching and typing......................... all done by me, solo. In my old school, it was done by teamwork. Normally, done by  five in a group. It sounds seriously good because it is done by team work but there is no time  to do it in school. So, it has to be done at one of t…

A belated birthday present ^.^ ~

This is my birthday present, I received it from my church pastor last Sunday. It is " Rainbow Good News Bible" with a soft-touch gift edition. I think it is made of leather or velvet. I like this Bible very much, this bible explains the meaning of every character's name, such as "Adam" known as " Humanity".......  Our pastor is very humble and kind. He would buy a present (normally a chirstian book or a bible)  for every member in our church on our birthday every year. He is a good example for all of us. He always encourage us to be kind and love our family, friends and neighbour as ourself, he teachs us to do good things, to talk good words and to think good way (to be possitive thinking) he also told us the important of  "Sow and Reap". I thank God that He sent such a wonderful pastor to lead us to walk in the righteous way.

Easter Day ~ 2010

Easter Day is not about bunnies or Easter eggs it is about Jesus' revival. Story is now continued . . . .

Three days after Christ death, Mary Magdalene, Mary now the mother of James and Salome brought spices and some fragrant perfume to anoint on his dead body. Then they asked among themselves,"Who will roll the stone away?" But as they arrived they saw that the very large boulder which blocked they way into the entrance was rolled away and the guards did not seem to be there. Then they went in and were alarmed to see the corpse missing. They were even more alarmed to see a young man dressed in a white robe  sitting on the right side. And the man spoke," Do not be alarmed, you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here anymore. See the place they have laid him. But go and tell Peter and the disciples that he is ahead of you in Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you." So they then ran away from the sepulcher te…

Good Friday ~ 2010

Today is Good Friday and my school has a day-off today. Good Friday reminds us of the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins. When Jesus died on the cross he forgave us our sins. Just the day before he died, he dined with his disciples and when it was done it was called "The Last Supper." On the day he died two criminals were beside him,one on his left and the other on his right. Jesus was crucified in between them. Just before Jesus was crucified the man on his left said to him,"If you are the son of God, free yourself and us." But the man on Jesus' right said to the man on the left," He did not commit sin but he is crucified," then he said to Jesus," Lord, when you go to heaven please remember me and bring me in too." And Jesus replied to the man," Yes my son, I will remember about you and I will prepare a mansion for you too, when I return to my kingdom." Just several minutes before his death, Jesus said," Lord, please fo…