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Malaysian Holidays XD

I look up the calendar and notice that for two weeks there is no school on Mondays and then, if I'm not mistaken it will be the CNY holidays. Such are holidays in my country - consistent as can be. Time learning in school will be cut short and yet we are expected to rush the syllabus by July so there will be more time for us to prepare for the big day.
Today is one of those holidays. Thaipusam. Nothing much happened today except the fact that I am stranded in my mom's office doing some casual revision. Lunch turned out to be the highlight of the day. My mom treated me to the Arabian restaurant just a few blocks away from her place.
Did I ever mention that I love eating? Well, anyway, I tried this Mandi Lamb dish. What better than an authentic Arabian dish to sate my hunger pangs after my taste buds have gotten all accustomed to the Asian food I face everyday, right? Turns out it's as good as it sounds: two huge chunks of mutton on top of some basmati rice. The sauce that w…

The Chicken-Hearted Me

As most probably earlier stated, this is my final year in school and I am so unprepared for the days to come and this includes not only the big upcoming exams but also that days that follow after it, an unholy aftermath of boredom. I do not know what I'll do without my school friends by then now that I'm getting so attached to them.
In these two weeks that have passed, I have come to lots of new experiences. Somewhere along the way this week, there is a Bio experiment where we are dissecting chicken hearts in groups of five of six  of us to one heart. I realize organs are gross and I might never be a surgeon HAHAHA and so, I left the holding and touching the heart to my friends. Through the whole experiment, I've only touched the blade and the pen. Or in other words, only cut the heart and draw the observations. In overall, our team did the best although we accidentally cut out one of the arteries. Truly, it is something new altogether and when I talked over it with Mom sh…


It's great to live in a new year. This year definitely wont be going easy on me though. I'll be moving through the final year in high school, an important point in life, this year. Nevertheless, living in the first week of the new year sure is refreshing as it has been all this while. Every new year I come across gives me new goals, new strength, new clothes, new motivation, new experiences, new friends, you name it.

This first week has been a great one. Looking back, it sure felt kind of fast(it does when there's a countdown timer that brings hell when it reaches zero). My studies aren't even up to mark yet and there are still bits and pieces of things left from last year to fix. Still, having homework on the first day isn't really unexpected as trials will come in around July and all studies must be finished by then. May God guide me through this valley of the shadow of death. Ahahaha...

This first week has brought me some new teachers and as of now, all my teach…

Back From the Grave

Right. And Iv'e been going two years without an update. Yet, just a few weeks back - during the hols in December - my mom just dug up the website and skimmed through the posts by my side. From this, I feel I am able to see what I've been through at different stages in life. Having had good pen pals in the past and annual overseas trips, I guess I can say I had a pretty exciting life in comparison to some of the less fortunate in the past, but putting down the pen on this blog has left me with two pages of my lifetime empty. Now, there is nothing I can do to grab it back. Hopefully though, I can write of more in the days to come so I can look back and see what a splendid life mine has been. Definitely nothing out of this world, but a fulfilling one with more ups than downs, most probably.

I realize I can't afford to miss all the memorable moments in life and come to the decision that I will be writing again.