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Ian's birthday 26-09-09

I've been in my new school for 3 months and I meet
a few friends already. Last Saturday Ian invited me
to his birthday party, I was so glad to be invited.

He stays in a condominium, we have fun time at the
swimming pool. Hehe.... I get to shoot Mark Seet ^^

After that we went back to Ian's house and play
the 'X-Box', my new friends were very kind,
they let me play 7 rounds of games.
Sigh... I was so sad because this was also Ian's
farewell party, Ian has left our school. . . . .

Gifts From Australia

Hooray! I received an air mail from Australia.
(Thanks, Sis Grub =D) I think I was a bit late
for receiving it, because it was Hari Raya.

Wow! Inside the air mail there is a letter, a
book written by J.K Rowling (author of the
Harry Potter series) and an English version
pamphlet of Miyazaki Hayao and Goro's movie
"Ponyo". I think it is limited edition XD

Hehe...I'm really a bookworm, I finished
reading the book within an hour. ^^
I appreciate my blogger friend's kindness
towards me. I will give in more effort on
posting on my blog.

Beware While Using Batteries!

Yesterday, while I was tidying my room I found this
mini-fan. It was given to me by my aunt Lisa the
last 2 weeks. I tried to switch it on but unfortunately,
it didn't have any function at all. My dad checked
and found out that the batteries were dripping out
some acid chemicals.Oh no! It might spoil the
mini-fan. Luckily, my dad quickly cleaned it up
and sprayed some lubricant oil in it. After
this incident, my Dad taught me not to forget
to remove the batteries from any electrical
item like cameras, torch lights, gameboys
and etc... whenyou are not using it
or else it will condemn !

A Mail Packet From Japan

23-09-09 I received a mail packet from Japan,
I'm so happy, this is my first time to receive a mail from
an oversea blogger friend. Thank you Ms. Minako.

Wow! inside the box contained a lot of food from Japan.

Yay... all of these are my favourite ^.^

I like this handmade painted stone so much
It will be my memorial souvenir from Japan.
I will appreciate and keep it with me forever.

Gem Island Trip from 19-09-09 to 22-09-09

During Hari Raya, our school has an extra holiday for a week.
Our family joined the church cell group to a 4days 3nights
trip to Gem Island, Terengganu. That was an awesome trip,
from morning until evening we went snorkelling. Our
leaders are Uncle Andy and his wife, Pastor Elaine. They
are experienced and they taught us a lot of skills in
snorkelling. We stayed in Gem Island Resort & Spa.
That is the only building and resort on this small island,
although not many Malaysians know this island but it is
well-known by other countries. We found a lot of foreigners
especially Japanese tourist at the resort.

p/s: too bad.... We can't bring along our camera with us
while snorkelling, so we didn't capture any snorkelling photos

It was the jellyfish season during our trip. My cousin was
seriously stung by a jellyfish (as shown in the picture above)
Luckily, Pastor Elaine told us that lime cures jellyfish stings
and we have to apply it to my cousin's leg.

The photo on the left: I found that …

Special Holiday (18-09-09)

After theRamadhan Month 20-09-09
it is our Islamic friends Hari Raya. Our prime minister
set a holiday today because they have a religious
custom to go back to their family's village.

Aunt Cindy gave me a packet of Mini- Garlic Bread. My mum
prepared a bowl of mushroom soup as a side taste for the
garlic bread this morning. Mmm.......Yummy!

Afternoon-My mum brought me a box of rice, the box was not
made by polystyrene. She told me it was a recycled material.
Wow! Amazing, this is vegetarian nasi lemak. It was delicious.
There is an extra piece of *keropok just for snacks...=D

*keropok = it's a type of indian crackers

Oversea Letters - Sent Successfully !!!

Both of my blogger friends from Australia and Japan received my letters yesterday. I'm so happy and I hope I can get more friends through my blog, then we can share more about our country, and learn more about each others country.

Stamps Collections - 3rd & 9th SEPT 2009

Date of Issued: 03/09/09
is the first of two Malaysian Scorpene class submarines.

Date of issued: 09/09/09
Energy Efficient Building
The government of Malaysia is currently promoting
the development of energy efficient (EE) buildings
in Malaysia by demonstrating several EE buildings.
These three buildings in the stamps cover from left to right:
Green Energy Office (GEO) Building
Low Energy Office (LEO) Building
Diamond Building

Flonga- Photoking

My cousin introduced a game to me, it's quite interesting.
If you are also interested in the game, you can log on to website below.
The website isFlonga. At Flonga there are a lot of games.
I specially like the game called PhotoKing.
It teaches you how to capture photos in a funny way
while it is enjoyed by many people (including my mother).
In certain levels you must tickle the person until he/it has his
biggest laugh. then, you capture the photo.
*p/s you can just click the coloured words to link to the page.

My Mum's Home-made Lunchbox (:D)

Due to this month is a Bulan Puasa'*, my school's
canteen didn't sell much food, My mum was prepared
a lunch box for me. Again, she woke up early in the
morning to make it. She spent about 1/2 an hour to
prepare it. I feel so grateful to her. This lunch box
is made from the ideas of my mother's heart.
Even it's just a normal fillet bun and etc. I'm so happy.

Container 1: A small packet soya milk and grapes.
Container 2: Bread +fish fillet and cheese

*Bulan Puasa - our Malay friends will have a
fasting month before their Hari Raya(New Year)
I'm studying in a government school, so we have
to respect them and can't eat food in front of the
Malay classmate. This is also my first experience
because last time there are no Malay in my
X- Chistrian School. I have to learn how to
respect others races cultures.

A Gift and Letter to my oversea friends

Today I prepared 2 letters to my friends, they were one from
Australia while the other one is from Japan. Now a day there was
nobody like to send letter by post, email is the fastest way to
communicate with each others, but this time I wanna to attached
something special to them, so I've to send by post. It is also a new
experience to send letter to a country far from me. ^.^

Mom checked it with the post office. They said
it would be about RM1.50 for each 2 grams and my
friends would get it in about 7-10 days.

I hope both of them will get my letter on time...=D

"Spiderman" climbed to our KL Twin Towers Again!

Wow! so amazing....."Spider man" Alain Robert, the 47 year-old Frenchman attempt climbing the KL Twin Towers again on 01-09-09 about 6.00am. He reached the pinnacle of Tower Two less than two hours later and posed for photographs in the rain and driving wind.
This was his third attempt at scaling the Twin Towers. His earlier attempts in 1997 and 2007 ended on the 60th floor when he spotted and stopped by security personnel.
This time he successfully reached to the top of the tower! But he was slapped with a RM 2000 fine at the magistrate's court yesterday.
He also said to the reporter he was planning to scale the Science Centre in Dubai next!
I think "Climbing" really is his passion, he is so brave and doesn't care about his risk, so great!

31 August "Merdeka!"

31 st August is our "Malaysia National Day."
31-08-1957, we were finally set free from the British.
This year we are celebrating the 52nd Independence Day.
Our sixth Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak
introduced the "1 MALAYSIA" concept which is based
on the principles of" People First, Performance Now".

This collection of stamps was issued on 31 August 2009
It is so beauiful... it is RM 0.30 x 5design in a envolope.

This Minature Sheet valued at RM5 with a special die-cut
and transparent foil hot stamping. It is so awesome but
so sorry that it is not so clear for you to see this.
I'm so happy to have this set of collection stamps.

Kuantan Trip+ Family Holiday

This holiday our church camp was held at Kuantan,
my mum invited my aunts and cousins to come along.
We didn't capture so many picture during the camp
because we all have our activities. These are the
photos we captured by the seaside during our free time.
I was writing my name on the sand.
Joel + Henry = Good Buddies

This is what I drew.We put our feet to prove
we have a difference.
These are my aunts and cousins.
The first from the right is my mum.