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Testing Times

Now, I know its been a long time since I last kept myself updated here. Well, ever since the second semester started things were starting to fall out of place.Just when I had barely managed to pull myself together, the world around me started tearing itself to pieces again. Now, I don't know about everyone but the way I study is I tend to overexert myself for the first half of the semester to try to be a step or two ahead of the syllabus at all times so that the lecture will just be a refresher afterwards. I do this because:-
1. I kind of understand that I have fiery enthusiasm whenever a new semester begins but it dies down before I can go through the whole semester. This means I'm kinda short fused, losing interest if I don"t see a quickly rewarding outcome. Hence, over-studying in the start benefits me as I've covered the entire syllabus before the boredom falls into place, and
2.It's actually very rewarding to feel like you fully understand what the lecturer i…