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Olympiad Maths -___-'''

Wow! I got into the Olympiad Maths in school but I totally don't understand anything the teacher has talking about for the past two months. I'm so messed up with all the algebraic expressions, integers, polynomials, monomials and everything and my brain is going to explode. Fortunately, my dad is able to help out by a lot but  I realized that I still have to go into memorizing some methods of solving Olmpiad Maths questions. Oh, all this Maths is   driving me crazy. I've got absolutely no idea what  I am learning too. Except for some expanding formulas I know nothing about this T___T  But looking on the bright side, it helps me understand what I currently learn in the normal level of Maths. Integers for Form One has become so much easier to understand with Olympiad maths. Olympiad Maths is so supreme until I feel like it is the study of a genius but it turns out that I am wrong. My dad said that they learned about integers when they were only in Standard Six  o.O The maths…

The Clarinet

Tomorrow is Sports Day and I will be part of the Boy's Brigade marching band. I would have expected to play the flute but last Saturday the instructor said the way I hold the flute wasn't so nice and the marching band couldn't go for the competition if I played the flute. He suggested me to be thrown into the B flat soprano clarinet section T_T
Seriously, I had been going into all sections of the woodwind. Oh yes, the clarinet isn't too hard to play but I heard that it is costly. I have tried it and can play until my "La" but I don't have my own reed. I guess I'll just be tucking the clarinet under my lips and make a big show tomorrow   =D

Counter Strike and DoTa


Let's Be Friends

My school is currently observing the Religious Week. This week everybody goes to Chapel according to their religions (Buddhists, Hindus, Malays and Christian). As I am a Christian I head for the church and learn about friends. Who are friends?There are false friends. Friends who say,"I will be your friend if you will....."  There are three rules of becoming friends with this kind of person: (1) you must be of a certain family background, (2) you must be of certain intelligence with that friend, (3) you have a certain admirable ability. It is impossible to be friends or make friends if you have such character. So what happens without these rules? Can you make friends without these rules? The answer is yes. The friends who do not apply theses rules are simply friends who can last and be trusted. These are the type of friends who do not expect anything from you. No matter what your family background may be, how bad you are at your studies or how untalented you are, this friend…