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WARNING:Exams Approaching!

Yea,yea. Exam seasons on right now. It started yesterday and I've been studying since last week. I admit I was lazy for some time and stopped blogging since er...last month if I'm not mistaken? Whatever, the point IS if exam season is on, I'm off for about a month. Right now, I'm stopping here. Got to do some revision...
          Oh yeaaahh! I almost forgot to say this. I won for runner-up the Lamb's Challenge Trophy in 2012 in my school, which officially means I got second placing in the school's essay writing competition fighting for Junior Section. If you're keen on reading or if you have time to read this, please comment on me after you finish to help me improve. Okay, thanks?
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The people who know us from our virtues to our flaws are our parents. Parents often have the greatest influence in their children’s lives. My father had a huge impact in my life and because of him; I am who I am today. We…

Wilayah Day :)

Yesterday was Wilayah Day and yes, it was a holiday. But the most tragic type of holiday there is. Getting stuck at home, going through a wiping-the-gigantic-windows-in-front-of-the-house-while-standing-on-a- chair-for-four-hours day, without help. T__T
      How miserable. After that, I still had to clear the table...etc. I was doing all that had to be done in living room while my mom polished up all dirty scraps found in the kitchen including exterminating pests. My dad was booming up the entire upper floor with cleanliness and noise since he was with his "trusty" vacuum cleaner, broom and mop. Sigh, entire family giving the old home a nice annual sweep.
       This year, though, we're trying to give some changes to the home here and there. Altogether, we've changed the bed sheets, given a nice new white to the living room curtain though I doubt I'll be that way for long once our house returns to its abattoir state (which is like when six months end, this is wh…