Rainbow Waterfall

01 May 2011 Sunday -  We went to Sungai Lembing by car from about 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon.Before we began our trip, we ate hearty meal of seafood noodles. The whole trip from KL to Sungai Lembing was about 3 hours. We finally arrived at 4 p.m. When we arrived, we met up with everyone else. Altogether there were 35 of us.

Not long after we arrived we rented a few bicycles at  the foot of a path uphill. As I was not so good at cycling, driving uphill was very tiring and I was exhausted when I finally reached the top. 

At the top, we reached the Sungai Lembing Museum and decided to see the museum. Finally I knew the history of Sungai Lembing. It used to be famous for its mining areas underground which was filled with gold, jewellery, crystals coal and tin ores. 

These are the wide range of equipments used to dig out the underground resources. This is my first experience in being able to see the world below us and I have gained more knowledge about it from this visit.

We cycled to our second destination (The Crystal House) and it was worth the effort cycling there. The place was filled with a whole collection of crystals and none looked the same. For what I know, a former miner built this place and kept his whole collection of crystals here. It was an amazing sight.

Not long after we left the Crystal House, we arrived at a narrow bridge. I brought  my bicycle to the other side of the bridge and decided to cycle around the whole village (the longer path)and end up at the place we started cycling and return our bikes.

As I was bringing my bicycle to the other side of the bridge, I managed to see the river view which looks very clean. It was a beautiful sight ~

Finally, we returned the bikes and went back to the budget hostel. We went to our respective rooms and slept like logs till the next day. ZZZZZ ...

1 April 2011- We woke up at 4.30 a.m. in the morning.One hour later, we had breakfast at the market and we sat on a four-wheeled car to get to the Rainbow Waterfall. 

We walked through a deep river. Which can be until waist height at the deepest part.A group of  2-3 people were to walk across the river together because of its strong currents.

It took us about 45 minutes to reach the peak. At this point of the hill we could never feel hot because of the waterfall's water vapour and slightly colder surroundings.

Water comes from an extremely high peak and splashes down on us. We were strongly advised not to get right under the waterfall because of safety reasons.

The rainbow began to appear at 9.00a.m. At first it was just a small rainbow but  it began to stretch as time passed. I'm glad to be able to see a rainbow in front of a waterfall for the first time.

Our lunch prepared by our tour guides. Lunch was instant cup noodles of any flavour(chicken, vegetarian, tomyam and curry. After eating the instant cup noodles, we reused the cup for some hot milo. 

The water was very cold and I truly enjoyed my whole trip there. 


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