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End Of 2010 - A New Year Tomorrow!

Today is the 31st of December. The last day  of this year, 2010!

Achievements I did this year (which I probably wouldn't be able to do next year because of UPSR):
-  82/365 posts [ supposed to be done daily] T3T Lazy me.....
-  New  gadget in blog : Smilebox slideshow
- Earned " Best for English" certificate in school
- Read about 100 books (included repeating some) Hehehe....

Famous achievements (2010) of the world:
- Paul  the smart octopus and doing perfect calculations for Africa World Cup
- Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook became famous

Happy New Year 2011!

Blessed Christmas 2010

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Skytrex Adventure - 19 November 2010


A visit to the Dentist ~

Yesterday, I went for a visit to the dentist because my dad thought I had a new tooth when my milk tooth was still there. He told my father that, that was a new molar tooth and it was not a canine with another canine behind it. So, there was no problem. My mother told the dentist that I had another molar that was deeply decayed and told him to pluck it out. Then he told us that it would cause severe pain if he took action. Actually when we arrived at the tooth clinic, we waited for half an hour before it was my turn. Without few seconds after the tooth checkup, then suddenly....SWOOSH! What !? *Faint..... What happened?  Arrgh !!! That evil dentist cost me  RM15 for a checkup barely half a minute. Ouch! That's a whole lot of money. After a research on the Internet, I found out that the job of a dentist can earn quite a great deal of cash each month. I think I'll probably put this in my ambition list..............