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Alarm Clocks ~

Wow! It's been almost a year since I have done my last comic which was on the 28 of October 2010 and I finally have free time to complete a short comic ,"Alarm Clocks". Hope you like it.

I'm Free ~

UPSR  is finally over! It is one of Malaysia's important exams and also marks the last year in a primary school. Before the UPSR, my time was packed up as tightly with my additional classes and tuition. Now that I am free from UPSR , I guess I will be able to put more effort  to post more often.
   I wonder how  secondary will ever be when we step into a different stage of life. Will it be tougher? Will I get new friends? That is uncertain but one thing is for sure, no more cartoon bags or fancy pencils are going to be seen.