I'm Free ~

  UPSR  is finally over! It is one of Malaysia's important exams and also marks the last year in a primary school. Before the UPSR, my time was packed up as tightly with my additional classes and tuition. Now that I am free from UPSR , I guess I will be able to put more effort  to post more often.
   I wonder how  secondary will ever be when we step into a different stage of life. Will it be tougher? Will I get new friends? That is uncertain but one thing is for sure, no more cartoon bags or fancy pencils are going to be seen.  


  1. Comics are a favorite of all ages..i would actually encourage you to deliver more of this when you are at your secondary school. Pictures speaks a thousand word..your comic would make many wonder like it did to me..so keep rocking my little friend..ESK

  2. congrats on finishing your exams! i'm sure you have done well! it will be just more than a month until mine start gahh.

    i disagree with your thinking of cartoon pencil cases and fancy pencils in secondary school though. many of my friends and classmates still used them (even in the final year of high school!, even in university!!)

    but maybe it's just for here. i know students in Malaysia are pretty serious about study.

    good luck!

  3. @Anonymous/ESK
    I agree comics are not only for children but for people of all ages. Even my Dad likes comics.

    Thanks for still reading my blog. Unfortunately, we will only be able to know our results in November.

    Please do not misunderstand, I mean I cannot use my Ben 10 school bag anymore :P I just fear other people will consider me childish because I study in a boy school =D

  4. haha that's quite a long wait. similar to when i was waiting for my high school results to come out. haha students at my school still used cartoon school bags, not the juniors though, but the seniors :P

    i'm on holidays now, but i feel so unmotivated going to uni :( i don't know what i want to do with my life. ahh


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