Father & Son Bonding Time ( X - Men First Class )

4th June 2011- Today the women went out for a dinner and we (Gerard, Joel and I) were left with our fathers. One of the mothers suggested that we have a father and son bonding time at the theatre. At first,  I wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. We thought we could book 6 seats by online booking but we couldn't make it. Finally, we had to go to Mid Valley to queue up for the release tickets. The tickets for Kung Fu Panda 2 were all sold out so we decided to watch  X- Men : First Class. 

Before the movie began, we went to Pet World. There were plenty of  nice pets like a puppies, bunnies,  frogs and snakes. The frogs were so expensive. An exotic specimen frog could be worth RM 350. Unfortunately, we could only be at the pet exhibition for 10 minutes and we had to rush back to the cinema. 
X-Men First Class
First  Class stands for the first team of  X-Men mutants. This film is a history of how X - Men was formed, how Erik( Magneto) and a few of the other hereos became crooks in the future and also how Charles Xavier (Professor X) became crippled. Throughly, this is a very nice movie explaining the past of X-Men. The movie was about 2 hours completely and we had a good quality time with our fathers ... 


  1. Watching movies, fishing together, attending several christian retreats definitely a great way to promote relationship of father and child.

  2. But watching movie both the son and father remain silent. Watch sport games in stadium will be better. Henry, you want to watch chelsea or arsenal?

  3. @siryoz0
    Yeah, I really appreciate to be able to have a bonding time with my dad :)

    @Polite Market
    Haha... the problem is my father doesn't like to watch soccer. Despite this fact, I still love football and my answer is definitely Chelsea...


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