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My Favourite Book Recommendation #1

Title: Survival In The Amazon Jungle
Authors : Choi Duk-Hee, Kang Gyung-Hyo

This book is about Leo, Paula and his uncle on
an adventure in the Amazon Jungle which is
famously known as " Lungs of the Earth" and
"Green Hell". Using the interesting comics,
this book guides us through the strange
and exciting adventures.

After the end of every chapter, there is a
section filled with images and information
which helps us to understand the scientific
knowledge better.

Shopping at 100 Yen Shop

Today about 6.00pm, my parents brought me to a
100 Yen Shop which is located at Taman Pertama
Cheras. My mom was looking for a food container.
In this shop we can get a lot of Japanese snacks.

In front of the shop, there was a small stall
selling Charmy Snow Ice.

I ordered a Mango Snow Ice. The ice was
shaved by a special machine and it was topped
with mango syrup and fresh mango.

It was very nice and the ice was smooth....

We just bought few items, mum bought two
bento containers..... When I found this tin of
fruit sweets, I remembered a touching movie
called "The Grave Of Fireflies".....................

Cool..... my music teacher taught us this song!

Yesterday my music teacher taught us a nice song " Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Last time when I still studied in SRSS, we were just sang the Worship songs, instead now this was the first time I sang this type of song. It is quite nice, and I share it in my playlist, which you are listening now.

Quizzes by my music teacher

My music teacher is so friendly, she gave us some Quizzes, that was so funny, the whole class has a happy day with the teacher. Do you wanna to try the quizzes?.........

1) How to put a giraffe in a refrigerator? (tips: 3 steps)

2) How to put an elephant in the same refrigerator? (tips: 4 steps)

3) Simba, The lion King called for a meeting, everyone must go except for.......?

4) While crossing a river you meet crocodiles, what do you do?

** Welcome to try, and the funny answer will be given next week :D

Solar Eclipse 22-07-09

Today after dinner, I watched TV 8 news. One of the cases were about a solar eclipse which just happened today. This was the largest full solar eclipse of the 21st century. Some of the countries like India, China, Japan and . . .could see it. (but not including Malaysia maybe because of the haste), If you are like me missed to see it, just find the live video from youtube! ^o^

Monday 20-07-09

At last, my parents brought me to watch "Transformers Revenge of The Fallen" last night. Even if I was a bit late, but I at least I can watch it at the cinema (they rarely bring me to watch movies). I like the movie's characters such as Sideswipe, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, The Devastator and The Fallen. It was an awesome movie!

At the same time, before the movie, there were some advertisements and trailers. One of the trailer is "2012 " while the other one is "The Final Destination 4", but I think these two movies are too frightening and that were not suitable for me. If you are interesting about these two movies, you can copy and paste the under link to a new tab to view the trailer.

Prayer & Fasting for 40 days

Last Sunday, our church told us to pray and fast
for God and others. I decided to do it so. Since
I can't abstain food, I fast playing games (which I liked
so much) I've been doing from last Sunday, Day 1
until Day 3 which is today. I've been fasting of playing
games. I hope I can hold it for 40 days.

*Praying and Fasting means abstaining
from food or for the purpose of
focusing on God. As you
rely on Him for wisdom
and direction, He will answer.

Mario - My favourite Game character

This is a map of Mario's Evolution from year
1981, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1996, 2002 to 2008

Check this out! I found this Mario bento in the internet.
Hope my mother will make it for me next time.

Wow! Amazing...
Mario even has his own Pepsi can.

My first week in the new school

Wao..... I have been transferred to a new school a week already. The first day I went to the new school, I felt nervous and embaressed.. Only I was wearing short pants, my classmates were wearing long pants, but they didn't joke at me , they were so kind, helpful and friendly...... , they taught me a lot of things about the school.... most of us communicate in English. God blessed me that I'm in 4M Class. I think I still have many things have to learn from them. The new school is a little bit different from SRSS,
Monday- normal lessons are from 7.30am to 1.00pm, after school there is a Mandarin Lesson until 2.30 pm. (the teacher is from Davidson Chinese School)
Tuesday- normal lessons are from 7.30 am to 1.00pm too.
Wednesday - the whole day we no need to wear school uniform (even if we still have normal lessons), but after 12.30pm we have co-coriculumn, so that is why the whole day we have to wear our co-coriculumn uniform. I joined St. John Ambulance (Bulan Sabit), and Pin…

My grandpa & cousins (father's side)

Once a week I will go back to see my Grandpa and Grandma
My Grandpa is 72 years old. The two boys are my cousins (my
father's side). They are studying in Kindergarden.

This is my new born little mei-mei (cousin sister)
She is just a full month baby, she is looking at the camera.

A letter to my SRSS classmates

Dear SRSS classmates,
Even though I left my old school, Sri Sempurna I still go to BB (Boys Brigade). Today I went to BB and saw my friends. They looked glad to see me. I met Le Chi and Nicole.But....Joshua, Eason where are you!? I miss u all....
Boo Hoo... you guys promised to see me every Saturday.

Once again, I want to thank all of you (my classmates) for keeping my Science book.
At the same time, if anyone of you can find any of my exercise books and my thumb drive, please help me pass it to Le Chi because he, my best brother will pass it to me.

May God bless you all........

Cheer 2009 National Event - 05 July 2009

Sunday 05 July 2009, was Cheer 2009 National Finals.
Cheer leading Fans, supporters, parents and cheer leading
teachers packed in the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bkt. Jalil.

Left: Hiew Kuan (my elder cousin sister in the pic)Team: Muriel
Right: Samantha (my younger sister in the pic)Team: Dazzle

The Blitzerz from SMK Bdr Utama Damansara
in PJ were clear winners.
(Enjoy the Youtube Movie below!)

Did you try this before?

Hi, did you eat this before? This is a very nice crunchy snack, we call it Q.Q snack.
I like to eat this when I'm watching TV. ^o^

Transfering School

This afternoon mum went to my new school for registration, and it is to be confirm that I has to transfer to the new school on next Monday.
I believed that God is always beside me, whatever circumstance I face, He will care for me and lead me to the head and not the tail, so I should not be worry so much, everything will be fine.
Dad said he will still let me to join Boys Brigade every Saturday in my old school, so... I still can meet some of my classmate, then Sunday I will have tuition class with Martin.
I am also sign up facebook, and I think it is the easier way to keep in touch with my teachers and friends, we can see each and others through web cam also........ Ya, I think everything will be alright..............