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Tranquil Thaipusam

*Cough, cough* It's getting a little dusty around these parts. Today is Thaipusam, which is a hectic day for most, if not all, of the country's Hindus and an occasional few devoted others while it also means there's a good, old holiday for me. I know I've slacked for months AGAIN and, hopefully that doesn't happen again although there is a chance I forget my blog ( I'm so embarrassed).  (-_-;) *** Well, this year I'm going to face a major exam-in-construction known as the PBSMR or maybe the PPMR, I'm not sure which one it is but for all I know, it is DEFINITELY a major exam. All in all, since today is a holiday, I'm free with nothing to do but study in my mom's office. Half bored to bits, I decided to write about this festive occasion happening like, today.            Here in Malaysia, we have a popular limestone cave widely known to us Malaysians as the Batu Caves. However, this place has been turned into an Indian shrine and also a famous tou…