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A band Performance, a parcel and a Gangnam Style

I  can finally get my hands on the laptop like... now. This December has been awesome and I just can't tell how grateful I am to those of you continue to read my blog. Yea ... you can see it dropping drastically since 2010 but I really hope to get better..... Oh well, better get on with the year end events!
1. Sunway Pyramid celebrating Christmas early this year at 23 December 2012. They invited us, the 1st Kuala Lumpur Boy's Brigade, for a band function to bring up the Christmas spirit in the hearts of the people. I think we did touch the hearts of some people with our music. We played 6 songs altogether and I'm standing in the front row, second from the left. :-D        Enjoy the first half of our performance.
2. Yay! Annual parcel from Australia has reached again (23 December 2012) Filled with edible stuff, cooking goods, photos and cook books! I really love  the cookbooks. My best Blogger friend, Grub town, is awesome.  I guess I should start using the awe-inspiring c…

Mexican Tortillas

Tortillas..... just the memory is making me crave for it. It all began on last Friday, the 5th of October as I was going my regular cell meeting. We were informed that  a cell member who used to work in the Logos Hope had a Mexican friend who turned up in Malaysia for a vacation but wanted to cook for us. Dinner was expected to be served at 7. My family and I turned at the exact time but were startled to find out  that dinner was just beginning to build up from scratch at the time so we had to help out with the preparation and as more people came,  less time was wasted. To cut a long story short, our Mexican friend cooked up some tortillas, a salad, some salsa, beef and chicken to go with the tortillas, not to forget about the chipotle which this awesome barbecue sauce... oh! and some mashed kidney beans or something. The experience was so amazing I had gobbled down 5 fully-packed tortillas before stopping. The saddest bit is that I didn't bring my camera or else I woul…

Beijing Summer Camp 2012

This year’s Beijing Summer Camp held on the 17th ~26th of July in the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) was the greatest camp I’ve ever been to.
When we arrived in the BFSU, it was already midnight so we just checked into our rooms but I was so excited that I didn’t get tired and decided to stay up for a little while longer. 
Without noticing that the sun rises earlier in the summer, I stayed up until I thought morning had already begun. Some of my friends woke up too and we were totally restless so we decided to have a walk around the school. As soon as we got out of our dorms, we saw plenty of beautiful places like the canteen, the hall and even the field but there was no one else around as the others were still sleeping while some other campers had still not arrived at the BFSU yet. Well, everyday day was better than the last and I am speechless about this amazing camp. 

           This camp really taught me a lot. I’ve had never experienced China from the perspective of a stu…

Unwasted Holidays

This Saturday, my school's Boy's Brigade is going to bring us to the 2012 PESTA and Singapore and I am going to go on a vacation for eight days. YEA! So awesome and I can also have the pleasure of seeing performances from other BB companies without participating in any of the competitions. I have never been to Singapore before and long to see the wonders there.  (+_+) BUT........ I still have a lot of holiday homework to finish. So busy that I spend 4 days finishing it and still very busy. Fortunately, when I get bored of doing homework, I am able to play a short game or watch videos which are about 5 minutes. Today, I have at long last finished my home work. YES!!!

* I want to thank my parents for letting me go to PESTA. THANK YOU!!!

Olympiad Maths -___-'''

Wow! I got into the Olympiad Maths in school but I totally don't understand anything the teacher has talking about for the past two months. I'm so messed up with all the algebraic expressions, integers, polynomials, monomials and everything and my brain is going to explode. Fortunately, my dad is able to help out by a lot but  I realized that I still have to go into memorizing some methods of solving Olmpiad Maths questions. Oh, all this Maths is   driving me crazy. I've got absolutely no idea what  I am learning too. Except for some expanding formulas I know nothing about this T___T  But looking on the bright side, it helps me understand what I currently learn in the normal level of Maths. Integers for Form One has become so much easier to understand with Olympiad maths. Olympiad Maths is so supreme until I feel like it is the study of a genius but it turns out that I am wrong. My dad said that they learned about integers when they were only in Standard Six  o.O The maths…

The Clarinet

Tomorrow is Sports Day and I will be part of the Boy's Brigade marching band. I would have expected to play the flute but last Saturday the instructor said the way I hold the flute wasn't so nice and the marching band couldn't go for the competition if I played the flute. He suggested me to be thrown into the B flat soprano clarinet section T_T
Seriously, I had been going into all sections of the woodwind. Oh yes, the clarinet isn't too hard to play but I heard that it is costly. I have tried it and can play until my "La" but I don't have my own reed. I guess I'll just be tucking the clarinet under my lips and make a big show tomorrow   =D

Counter Strike and DoTa


Let's Be Friends

My school is currently observing the Religious Week. This week everybody goes to Chapel according to their religions (Buddhists, Hindus, Malays and Christian). As I am a Christian I head for the church and learn about friends. Who are friends?There are false friends. Friends who say,"I will be your friend if you will....."  There are three rules of becoming friends with this kind of person: (1) you must be of a certain family background, (2) you must be of certain intelligence with that friend, (3) you have a certain admirable ability. It is impossible to be friends or make friends if you have such character. So what happens without these rules? Can you make friends without these rules? The answer is yes. The friends who do not apply theses rules are simply friends who can last and be trusted. These are the type of friends who do not expect anything from you. No matter what your family background may be, how bad you are at your studies or how untalented you are, this friend…

Flute 01

I haven't been posting anything for 3 weeks or more and this blog seems to be getting dusty. *Cough* This year, I joined the Boy's Brigade in my school. When I first joined the Boy's Brigade I tried the saxophone but there was not enough ligatures. I waited for it until last week. I decided to change to the flute. The flute I was given was labelled FL01.        The flute is rather light compared to my Tenor saxophone. It is an aerophone unlike the other woodwind instruments in this brass band.         I can hardly make any sound with the flute. I hope practice makes perfect. It is such a nice instrument and I can blow through the mouthpiece bit by bit but when I attach it to the whole thing I get nervous when pressing the buttons and forget how to blow it.         I keep on whistling due to accidents but otherwise it sounds kind of nice if nothing goes wrong. I like my new instrument very much because I can finally try to play something in the band but I don't know …

Jeremy Lin, professional of basketball

Jeremy Lin is an American professional basketball player of the New York Knicks at the NBA. At the height of 1.91 metres, he has recently become famous. However, a person's success is mostly because of one's hard work. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. The comic strip I created is based on the  following proverb. Enjoy~

The Snow Village / Snow Town/ 雪乡 (CNY Trip 2012)

We took a 5 - hour trip by bus to from the city of Harbin to the snow village. When we arrived, I was awestruck by the beauty of the snow in this district. At the same time, I was also shivering at the village because the temperature there was around -30 degrees Celsius'The snow that gathered on the dead trees make them look like snow toadstools. A lot of snow seemed to fall in this village and I once appeared to have my left foot buried deep in snow when I was caught unaware while walking around the village. The thick snow present in trees and piles of snow hovering on each and every roof is brought in by the 8 months of winter experienced by the inhabitants of the snow village every year. This is me trying to make a snow angel on snow but it failed as there was not enough snow. 
Many winter games can be experienced here from riding on huskies tobogganing and skiing while sitting but the snow village sure demands for a price. Every activity cost about 100yuan.

We managed to capture a…

The Great Wall of China & The Ice City Harbin

This year my parents decided to have a head start to the new year with a nice chill and we headed to Tianjin on the  21st of January by flight. We then transferred  to Beijing by a bullet train. The weather was about - 10degree Celsius. We managed to visit the Ming Dynasty tombstone, ancient palace artifacts of the Ming Dynasty and of course, The Great Wall of China.  The wind blowing at the Great Wall was very cold and strong when we were there. I brought a bottle of water to boost me up with energy but it had some frozen particles in it when we reached the peak.  
We captured some photos when we were at the Beijing Olympic Stadium. This year the Olympics will be held at London. Hmmm . . . I wonder if I will be going to London next year. Hahaha =D              The next day, we had to catch a flight to Harbin which took approximately two hours of our morning. When we got out of the airport we ran to a random tour van to take cover before we turned into frozen fries. The chilly weather was…

The New 2012 Malaysian Banknotes

I recently received news that Malaysia will be having new banknotes through The Star Newspaper. I was so excited to know more and and decided to browse the Internet about it and the images were not complete so I surfed on YouTube and chose the best video I could find. This video however is in Malay but the things are all about the special things available in Malaysia. I am especially interested in the twenty ringgit-note. The  twenty ringgit note which was used in the past ceased existence before I was born so I feel very happy to be able to see a RM20 note for the first time. Anyway, here's the video I saw on YouTube.

My Secondary School

I am currently a student in a secondary school. This school is a cluster school and is extremely strict on its rules.
        I was told by my class teacher that there was going to be a reading  corner located at the back of our class which we would be given the chance to sit there on a rug and read a book. I'm dreaming of a nice comfy red rug and a big fat book filled with interesting stories but we are going to be using someone's old rug  which is still in good shape but usable and books which are going to be distributed by ourselves since the shelves are empty. Too bad comics couldn't be brought to school since I was hoping of reading some.  T.T  Anyway, I was thinking of sharing some books that had been read already. Anyway, I am already starting to like my new school.
I hope for all the best in this school. 

A Head Start for year 2012 ~

Another year has flown by in the blink of an eye. Six days ago which was the first of January this year, I was baptized with water. Water baptism is the will of the Lord and now since I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, I am resurrected. I hope I can publish more posts this year than I did in 2009. I hope to overcome my highest record which is 108 posts but I wonder if I will succeed this year.

Year 2011 Report

2008 - This was the year my blog was born. At that time life was rather deserted and that was because I didn't know how to manage my blog at that time. I only did 17 posts that year. 
2009 - In 2009, I did the most posts for my blog which was 108 posts. This was the year I met two extremely kind and encouraging friends and the first year we began to send treats to each other. To look back, I am kind of proud of this year.
2010 - I was lazier than the last year instead of being . I only managed to do 83 posts. Life was kind of good that year. However, nothing much to talk about. . .
2011 - Due to the UPSR exam I only managed 28 posts. T.T  Wow! A terrifying drop from 2009 onward. I had. . . 
the best times of the year  - A trip to Guilin & Guangzhou with my family, my UPSR rewards and the youth camp of year 2011.
the busiest time of the year - Preparing for UPSR and modelling clay projects.
the 100% bookworm month which was in October when I had only two posts which concerned of Logo…