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A Special Birthday Party

15-08-2010 Le Chi invited me to his party, it was a very special party, he didn't celebrate it in his house or  a restaurant instead he celebrated it as a football party in Padang, 1 Utama. 
 This is a picture when the captains were choosing us.....
 This is our team. Our captain is Ming Cheng.
Our team versus Shaun's team
Joel and I were defenders in the first game.... 
 When Le Chi tried to get a goal in the goalpost, I accidentally crashed into Joel while defending :P Sorry, Joe........  
 All for one and one for all! 
 Le Chi's 3-D like football field birthday cake. So nice.....
 Medal Of Honour (Souveneir from Le Chi's party)

Family Table Tennis on Wii~

Today, I tried to post my blog in two languages. My parents encouraged me to use more Chinese. (P.S : my Chinese is quite weak =D) 今天,我试用两种语言写我的部落格。我的父母鼓励我多用华语。(P.S: 我的华文不太好)

After two months of being busy, my parents can finally spend quality time with me together. We played Family Table Tennis.  忙碌了两个月,我的父母终於有时间陪我一起玩乒乓了。

I like this Character Select page. It looks very much like a happy family. Too bad I am the only child in my family. If only my cousin sister Natalie was here we would have been able to play the doubles.  我喜欢这一幕。就像 全家福。 可惜我是独子,没弟妹。如果我的表妹Natalie有在我们就可以玩双打。

Dad VS Mom. . . 爸爸对决妈妈。。。
Dad wins! Terrific! 爸爸赢了!真了不起!