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School holidays started already. Yesterday, my cousins came to my house to learn how to make Sushi. Ugh! My first time trying to make a Sushi roll.
It is quite difficult to roll the sushi, though... My aunt was helping me. Thanks, aunt!
My cousins and me were shaping the Sushi.
I took the bear mould and moulded out my bear!
My Sushi Bear came to life. We used seaweed to make
Sushi Humans' hair and eyes and we use crab meat
to make the mouth .Sushi Bear's eyes, ears and nose are
all made by seaweed.
Finally, we sucessfully made few types of Sushi!

Happy Teacher's Day

Dear teachers,Without you, we would have been lost. Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today. Wish you all a very "Happy Teacher's Day"Happy Teacher’S DayView more OpenOffice presentations from captainhenry.

Granny's Dumpling

Dumpling Festival 29-05-2009
Today my granny gave me a big dumpling.
Weight: 600g+-
Size: 8cm (w) x 20cm ( l)

Ingredients: Sticky Rice, Salted Egg, Dried Shrimp, Dried Smoke Meat,
Pork, Mushroom, Nut, Dried Oyster, Green Bean.....etc

Stamp Collection - Palm Trees

Date of Issue: 19/05/09
Denomination: 50cents x 3 designs
Stamp size: 35mm x 35mm
Miniature Sheet: RM3
Miniature Sheet Size: 80mm x 80mm

These stamps are the five most famous palm trees in Malaysia. Which are Fish Tail Palm, Fan Palm, Serdang Palm, Sal Palm and Serdang Endau.
Palms have been important to humans throughout much of history. Many common products and foods are derived from palms. Today, palms are a common feature in botanical gardens or as indoor plants, and today they are widely used in landscaping for their exotic appearance and also due to palms being easy to manage plants.

Strange Picture 4

How many horses do you see?

Dream lunch box!!

I think many people also agree Japanese is very creative to make lunch box for their children, I also hope my mum can make one for me! :D

Me & my cousins manga!

I have created some manga to myself & my cousins, hope they will like it.

I Love U Mum, Happy Mother's Day

Mum, I hope you will feel happy this Mother's Day. This slideshow was created by me and Dad... I hope you will also like my poem.How powerful to find this energy,Which hides within my mother's heart,To be my teacher, nurse and counselorWith all the energy in her heart.To help me all this way, Is all a lot of faith,Yet she find time to be my playmateShe's just too kind.I see it all mum,This is love to me,Your unbreakable love, mumSo I thank you for it all.