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Flute 01

I haven't been posting anything for 3 weeks or more and this blog seems to be getting dusty. *Cough* This year, I joined the Boy's Brigade in my school. When I first joined the Boy's Brigade I tried the saxophone but there was not enough ligatures. I waited for it until last week. I decided to change to the flute. The flute I was given was labelled FL01.        The flute is rather light compared to my Tenor saxophone. It is an aerophone unlike the other woodwind instruments in this brass band.         I can hardly make any sound with the flute. I hope practice makes perfect. It is such a nice instrument and I can blow through the mouthpiece bit by bit but when I attach it to the whole thing I get nervous when pressing the buttons and forget how to blow it.         I keep on whistling due to accidents but otherwise it sounds kind of nice if nothing goes wrong. I like my new instrument very much because I can finally try to play something in the band but I don't know …

Jeremy Lin, professional of basketball

Jeremy Lin is an American professional basketball player of the New York Knicks at the NBA. At the height of 1.91 metres, he has recently become famous. However, a person's success is mostly because of one's hard work. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. The comic strip I created is based on the  following proverb. Enjoy~