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Mexican Tortillas

Tortillas..... just the memory is making me crave for it. It all began on last Friday, the 5th of October as I was going my regular cell meeting. We were informed that  a cell member who used to work in the Logos Hope had a Mexican friend who turned up in Malaysia for a vacation but wanted to cook for us. Dinner was expected to be served at 7. My family and I turned at the exact time but were startled to find out  that dinner was just beginning to build up from scratch at the time so we had to help out with the preparation and as more people came,  less time was wasted. To cut a long story short, our Mexican friend cooked up some tortillas, a salad, some salsa, beef and chicken to go with the tortillas, not to forget about the chipotle which this awesome barbecue sauce... oh! and some mashed kidney beans or something. The experience was so amazing I had gobbled down 5 fully-packed tortillas before stopping. The saddest bit is that I didn't bring my camera or else I woul…