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The Mooncake Festival

The Mooncake Festival is around the corner again, I like this festival because I can eat the sweet mooncake and I also can play lantern with my friends.

Beside the traditional baked lotus mooncake, I also like the jelly mooncake.... but of course the most I like is the Haagen Dazs ice-cream mooncake. Dad is not going to buy the ice-cream mooncake this year, because he said it is very expensive, he bought me the new favourite the snowy mooncake filled with red bean, hmmm not bad....

This year we will celebrate the mooncake festival party with our church members in Joel's house, I hope we can admire the brightly and fullest moon, and we also can play lantern, candle, and games together.

3D Chalk Drawing by Julian Beever

So, Amazing The artist can draw the picture on the tiles, and make it look like 3D, I received these picture from Leona, but before that I also saw some similar photo from my uncle, who now is working in Abudabi, I think these picture is from Tubai. I hope one day I can travel to Tubai and take somemore these type special effect photo.

Faith gave me an e-mail !!!

01 Sept 2008 Monday,

Today is a holiday, I'm so happy that I have received an e-mail from Faith, she is my classmate. She and her family already moved to Vietnam, because her father get a job in Vietnam. Before she moved, I have gave her my email, and I really very happy, at lease we can keep in torch from today onwards.
I hope I can use my blog to tell her what happen in our class, and also upload our classmate's photo show to her next time. At the same time if I have any news from Faith I will also report to your all.