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Movies ~~~

Today, my uncle brought me and my other cousins to the cinema. He is so generous and he even provided us
with free popcorn and drinks.
The movie was - "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2". The funniest part of the movie that I remembered, while Alvin was playing the Wii Sports,bowling he forgot to fasten the Wii controller to his hand,  when he played, he accidentally released the Wii controller, it flew to the TV screen and spoiled both the TV and the Wii controller ...........
So, my friends if you have Wii please remember to fasten the Wii controller to your hand or you might be the next

Christmas Caroling at Prince Hotel

24-12-09 On Christmas Eve, our church members went to Prince Hotel for Christmas caroling which starts at 8.00pm. Before singing, we ate some food prepared by the hotel.

My good friends; Joel and Gerard. Now that all of  us are ready, let's blast off to the stage!Performance here we come...

We sang at the lobby of Prince Hotel.... I felt so glad to sing about the glory of God.

After the performance, our parents brought us to Restaurant Wong Kok. See? We ordered an enormous drink. Enough for more than 10 people =D

Winter Solstice - Glutinous Rice Ball

22/12/09 Winter Solstice (Dongzhi 冬至)is a traditional festival of the Chinese people. My grandma told me "Glutinous Rice Balls(tong yun) " is the Winter Solstice special food, is a circle made with glutinous rice flour desserts. That is a meaning of reunion and fulfillment. On this day, we eat glutinous rice balls as a symbol of family harmony. My grandma filled some peanut into the balls, it was very tasty.
  This year my mum is very busy, she didn't have time to prepare the glutinous rice ball, but she bought a pack of  the frozen glutinous rice ball which is filled with black sesame, I think I can try it this weekend :)

Dinner at a Japanese Restaurant (^.^)

On Aunt Lisa's birthday, we went to a Japanese reataurant at 1 Utama. We having a dinner buffet. There were a lot of my favourite sushi, tempura, tepanyaki, steamed egg ( I forgot its name =.=''), salad (but it was Thai Style's Salad). For dessert, I prefered some jelly and mochi, the food were very tasty. 

Shopping before Christmas

We went shopping at Berjaya Time Square, the whole shopping center was full of Christmas mood, of course we also prepared our camera to capture some photos. At the same time, we also chose some gifts which ar for our cell's Chritsmas party this Saturday.

Movies ~~~

(13/12/09) My uncle lend me 3 discs.Planet 51- is about an astronaut who visits another planet with aliens that talk our language- English! It is a movie about romance, fun, happiness, and a new  and exciting                        world for an astronaut who is ready for anything..........almost anything...........

Cloudy with a chance of  Meat Balls - About an inventor who invented a food machine that changes water molecules to food molecules. On the other side, the inventor liked a weather girl but when things get from bad to worse the food gets bigger because the food molecules gets more and more extraordinary. Disasters start to happen also because of  natural disasters happening up there and makes the food come to life. Will the inventor ever see his girlfriend?

Astro Boy- about a man who lost his only son. He made a robot just like his own son except his robot son was different. So he did not want that robot and sent it away. Before Astro Boy earns his father's love again, he …

My first 2D Animation :)

10-12-2009 Yesterday I went to Aunt Jenny's restaurant, I have an animation class from Ervin (my classmate). He is my IT teacher ^^, He taught me the 1st step of animation.
This is my first creation, I decided to put the Malaysia Flag on my character.
Of course I said thank you to Ervin, he is very generous and kind, without his sharing I think it is not easy to learn the making of animation, hope I can learn more animation in the future.

A Letter from my Blogger Friend

08 December 2009I was so surprised when I received a letter with a Christmas card from my Blogger friend, Sis Grub. There was a little Santa sticker behind the envelope. It is so cute. It looked like it danced a little jig. She gave me a collection of stamps from foreign countries. Nowaday, I believe that stamps are very rare and limited and still she gave me her stamps...I feel so touched :D

Malaysian Animation

This morning, I saw an article from the newspaper. The creators of the famous Upin Dan Ipin seriesnow have their own studio called Animonsta Studio, their first titular character, Boboiboy.
I really feel great that Malaysia have our own cartoons. At the same time, I also found an article "Animation workshop for students", there will be an open animation competition for students age 10-14 years old which is organising by Disney.
* You can click the coloured word "Upin Dan Ipin" & "Boboiboy" to the link of the trailer

This competition will start next year.They will chose a team of 2-3 students from 10 chosen schools.This competition is for creating a 2 minute clip based on their own "alien encounter" inspired by Stitch. This is my first try drawing Stitch with a pencil.
This is also my first try using a computer but I only drew the head. I really hope I can download a free software of 2D animations!!! I hope if I can have a chance of participating…

Outing- Elephant Park And Waterfall

(29/11/09), I went to the elephant park.It was full of elephants. We didn't manage to ride the elephant because we arrived late at that time. They only allow the first 120th tourists to have a privilege to sit on it.

Wow! There goes a elephant couple XD Haha........ How romantic......

This baby elephant has finally accepted my food. At first, it was a bit stubborn then it calmed down and used its trunk and took the grass.

This baby elephant looks like "Jumbo".

After visiting the elephant park, we went to Bentong Waterfall.

The water currant was very strong so we played at the shallow waters. I had a good time with my cousins there.