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Fire Drill

Groan . . .  Must have been something wrong I ate yesterday as I had diarrhea that night and it only ended after I had an urgent request to the toilet at school twice. Today school was just held as usual until..... Well, before I mention about that, here's how it started. "Pack your bags! We're going to the Dataran Ilmu for Civics,"stated my assistant class monitor.
When we got there, our Civics teacher, Cikgu Azman asked us to take out our Civics textbook and note book. He took a deep breath and was going to open his lips and give us a word of wisdom and that's when it happened.   RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG! The school bell took a blastoff and ringed for a long time. The fire drill was sounded. I looked around but saw no fire. Then, the whole school gathered at the volleyball court. It was all just a rehearsal. No fires, nothing. Then our teacher announced that we will have another fire drill rehearsal again but it would be differe…

Drawing Contest ( 28 / 4 / 2011 )

28 April 2011 - Today I participated in a drawing contest. We went to an army base ( the place where the drawing competition was held ) by Cikgu Khairul's car. Before we arrived, I first thought it was a school but later realized it was an army base when I saw the antique camouflaged cars and a separated jet.     Ah, I regretted not colouring the background because I might have stood a chance if I did. T.T   I didn't get anything. Well, I hope I get to win a prize the next time I can participate in a drawing contest. I'll have have to work harder in the future if  I want to win.....

Welcome Poh ~

Today, Poh Jian Hui came to visit us when we were having our  BM lessons and teacher let him enter.Truthfully, almost everybody in the class who knew him rushed at him and is was quite a chaos at that time as if a superstar  walking off  the stage and all the audience was rushing for his autograph but it  was a bit different.Everybody wasn't trying to take an autograph instead they were giving him a warm welcome. Handshakes, group hugs and high fives was done by everyone. Wow! It was quite a welcome and everyone was overjoyed except for some students who didn't know him. Oh, the old days ...
After school, we met him again and everyone went home except for him and me. After listening to some music from his phone, he asked me if I wanted to go for a drink and I gladly accepted the offer. I tried to pay for both our drinks as he was my old friend but he denied the offer and right now his words are still ringing in my ears," Don't try to escape from me you, you little mong…

160 + days to UPSR ...

3rd April 2011 - In the blink of an eye, it's already April and the UPSR is just around 160 + days more. I have not even prepared anything yet.The Diagnostic test will be in 2 more weeks and the PKSR 1 will be a few more days after it.I think I must start working hard from today onwards. The subject  I am must worried most is BM (Bahasa Melayu). It is very difficult.
Well, recently so many movies are coming out like HOP and  Rio. It's like they are there to tempt me but..... my mother says I must stop this first. All she can offer me now is  badminton every Sunday. My badminton skills are teribble but I always enjoy playing with the adults.