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New Soccer Shoes

Last Friday, after tuition at my friend's house his parents gave me a pair of brand new Adidas soccer shoes. Actually, my friend's father bought these shoes for him but it did not fit my friends for the shoe was a small pair of shoes. When they let me try it on, it fitted perfectly. These are such wonderful shoes. I thank God for such favour!

Vietnam Spring Rolls

Last Saturday, I went to Joel's house. Aunty Yoong Hee prepared a special meal for us. There were sliced vegetables, fruits; meat, mee and spring roll skins provided on the table.  Aunty Yoong Hee taught us how to prepare our own Vietnam spring rolls. It was very simple:-
1. We must take a piece of spring roll skin and wet it thoroughly in a bowl of water.
2. We are thus able to place whatever ingredients that we desire on the wetted piece of spring roll skin (we cannot overload the amount of ingredients or else it will be too big or it will not fit).
3. Then, we are finally able to start wrapping the spring roll.

I was placing some of my favorite ingredients on the wetted spring roll skin. My favorites were the fragrant, glutinous pork XD

See! This is a complete Vietnam spring roll. Yummy!

Hari Raya in Genting Highland~

We went to Genting Highland on 10-09-2010. It was so crowded, we queued up a line for game more than an  hour T.T , wasted most of our quality time. Sister Rachel (1st left) will go back to Korea next week. I hope this photo can give me a memorable of  her.
Flying Coaster is extremely fun but it is not so hygiene.

There are many mini games with assorted awards.

Family Camp 2010 ~ Hari Raya Holiday

My church camp organized a Family Camp at Thistle, Port Dickson Resort. Our family were a bit off schedule when we arrived at our destination. We quickly hurried to our children and adult room respectively. When I reached the children room, we were separated into our groups accordingly. There were 3 groups named Good, Right and Pure. I was in the Pure group. Pastor Catherine was our children organizer. She prepared some games for us such as Shoe Whacking, Rounders, Police & Thieves and some water balloon games. She also organized some movies for us to watch. Most of us boy early comers started learning our "Be Strong" moves . . . . . . 

We performed our  "Be Strong" performance on Sunday. Monday was supposed to be the last day. Since my parents had to work on Monday I left early. After Camp Torch that Sunday night, I left so I missed the fun on Monday such as Revelation Day and a drama. 

Visit to The Farm

Aunt Ebbie organized a trip for us at 'The Farm'. 50 of us booked the whole farm for 2days 1night .  'The Farm' was constructed in the 50's. Our rooms looked like olden time rooms. There were no air conditionals, only fans were provided. Either we sleep in the room with double decker beds or sleep on the wooden floor by placing mattresses on it at the second living room. 
'The Farm' rears poultry, dogs, turtles, tortoises and fishes. There is a big pond where anglers can give a try on their rods. I tried a bit but didn't get any fish because....... I forgot to bring bait. Hahaha! 
Besides that, we had some activities in the plains such as badminton, skipping rope and hula hoop.