Random Modelling Clay Assignment

Finally another assignment completed! This time I did a random 7- dimension project. I was afraid some of these would get damaged since they were very hard to make compared to my angry Birds project which I had done earlier and bought a pill box or whatever it is called to keep my creations. And...

 Yup! I put them in this pill box. This obviously reduces the damage taken by the modelling
 clay creation because they won't crash into each other get smashed, bumps etc. I made 3 angry birds again but bigger and more improved,  Barney, a Chibi, Doraemon and Courage Dog.

The angry birds were easier to make now since I had already made them before and paid more attention to the harder parts when making them. Barney was extremely difficult to make the most challenging areas were the arms and the thighs, I added extra clay to the  sides at the end so that thighs look more like the real character's. The Chibi was not too hard 
but too time-consuming because of its hair. The Doraemon was the hardest I made a first one but threw it away because it was not looking like the original character. So this second one was kept because it looked 50% like Doraemon  =D
The Courage Dog was made way too small and was rather hard too. The challenging parts were its tiny limbs but my Mom liked this the most.


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