The Totally Late Christmas Spirit ;D

Oh my ... this holiday is so busy and chucked with activities. This was supposed to be posted a week ago but there was a Christmas carol at a Chinese restaurant on the 21st of December, a nice dinner at the Shabu Garden on the 23rd , a Christmas party on the 24th at my friend's home which was totally epic with a tasty, mouth-watering turkey. I don't always get to eat turkey all the time so that was the best part of the night. On the following day which turned to be a Sunday I went to church to celebrate a second Christmas party (Wow! This is turning out to be a jam-packed holiday ).

A few days ago, I received a parcel from my Blogger friend in Japan. It was a nice blue box with a nice Christmas treats bag overloaded with nice sweets,chocolates, savory biscuits,  dragon stickers and a nice little wooden helicopter from Japan. I really want to thank my Blogger friends because they always encourage me.
    I wish I could eat the Christmas treats this instant. I wonder if  I can finish all the  imported candy I have altogether now. I'd probably turn hyperactive..... =D

Actually I did made some Christmas clay dolls as a token of gratitude and send them to my friends who were encouraging me all this while.
This is to my  Australian blogger friend who is obsessed with photography and excels in culinary arts and ...

my Japanese friend who has loves painting and has a nice, melodious voice ~


  1. I will decorate my home with the lovely clay dolls next year again.
    Thank you for the nice clay dolls.

  2. I thank you so much for appreciating my clay dolls ^^


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