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This year the official host city for 2010 FIFA World Cup will be held at Joburg a world class Africa city from 11 June 2010 to 11 July 2010.  I saw the mascot of FIFA World Cup 2010 from today newspaper. The leopard mascot looks cool and smart,  his name is Zakumi . Want to see Zakumi's Comic Strip?  ClickThe Adventure of Zakumi by Stephen Francis & Rico
WORLD CUP MASCOTS  At the same time, I also found the mascots in world cup history. It was invented to the 1966 tournament in England. From then on, each world cup had their mascots.

Start from left top,Willy -England 1966, Juanito - Maxico 1970, Tip & Tap - West Germany 1974, Gauchito - Argentina 1978, Naranjito - spain 1982, Pique - Mexico 1986, Ciao Italy 1990, Stryker - USA 1994, Footix - France 1998, ATMO - Korea 2002, Goleo Vi - Germany 2006

Received an e greeting card :D

24th March 2010
Today I received an e-greeting card from my Japanese's friend. I feel so happy and it's so cute.

11th Birthday ~

23-03-2010 Tuesday.
Today is my 11th Birthday, My dad and mum are busy on something........ I didn't expect to have a party this year but God is so good, He gave me favour that this year Aunt Lisa and Brother Khar Fye bought me KFC and a birthday cake. We have a dinner at Aunt Lisa's house. It was a very simple but a very warm birthday dinner.

 Chocolate birthday cake.....
Make a wish before I blow my cake.......
I also received so many birthday wishes from my friends in face book especially my church's members. It's so touch when received their greeting. It's so great that facebook can remind us when is our friend's birthday. I think everyone will happy if our friends remember our birthday and give us greeting.

Hot Air Ballon Festa 2010

20th March 2010 Saturday.
My parents brought me to the 2nd PutraJaya International Hot Air Ballon Festa, we reached Putrajaya at 6.30pm. There was so crowded and we were hard to get the parking, we were a bit late since the hot air ballons were started to fly at 6.00pm. Anyway, I still get to see many hot air ballons. There were so many countries participated the event.  We couldn't capture some every cute and special ballons like The Darth Vader, Lion Face,  Orange, because they were already fly higher in the sky, please click this link ballonsto see. It was really very beautiful.

This is a hot air ballon from Switzerland, so many  photographers are busy to capture photos
The workers were busy to pump air to a hot air ballon...

I think this is the biggest hot air ballon on that day It was from Netherland, and it was looked like   combined so many ballon to make a  big hot air ballon.
Wow! Levi's Jeans also participated the event ^_^ It was also a hot air balloon can fly in the sky...

A Simple Travel Guide for my Blogger friend ~~~

My blogger friend from Australia is coming to Malaysia next week. Here are some nice travel points and info about Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur - the city of Malaysia. Travel points: KLCC, KL TOWER, PETALING STREET ( CHINA TOWN ), CENTRAL MARKET.... KLCC, the heart of Kuala Lumpur. the most popular landress in Malaysia., it's also a popular tourist destination.  Attraction: Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, Auaria KL, Petronas Sains, shopping central.... High Light: Kinokuniya Japanese Book Store, Madam Kwan's restaurant selling the delicious Nasi Lemakand  Nasi Bojari.  Petaling Street  (China Town ) is a shopping street, various items are sold here, you must bargain at least until half  price.

Attractions in Petaling Street: Koon Kee Wan Tan Noddle, Kiew Brothers (Wo Lai Ye) dried meat, so many tourist like to buy this as sourvenir snack :), Lo Hon Guo & Longan drinks don't miss it!
Central Market: Near Petaling Street, selling cultural handicraft items....
Since my friend and her f…

Holiday has come . . . . . .

Yay! Holiday has come...... I'm going to have more time with my friends and family this week. Next month, is my school's Sport Day. I'm very nervous because I'm not good in any sport..... : (  
There are a lot of sports and I hope I don't put my team to shame ......                    

I don't know what I should do when Sport Day comes.......but I'm also very happy because it is a holiday. :D

My Comic - Gem's Adventure # 1

I made this comic and it took me a lot of time. If you want to read it, just right click my comic and open link in a new tab to read it. After reading it, I hope you will leave me some comments at my blog so that I may improve and make better comics next time   :D

International Women's Day (8th March 2010)

Today is International Women's Day, I gave my mum rest for one day, I prepared my lunch by myself. I cooked  some pancakes since it is not too difficult  to cook.  

I mixed  an egg and some water with the pancake flour, then I started to cook....
Not looking too good :P
1 pack of chocolate milk, 3 pancakes and Australian honey and strawberry jam was my lunch for today.
I wish my Mum, Aunts, Sisters........ all of you women a Happy International Women's Day!


The first semester exam is from 01/03/10 to 05/03/10, I put on the head band with the word "必胜" SUCCESS when I was doing my revision. Dad bought this head band during the japan trip.

Mum cooked a bowl of porridge for me, I used Brovil to write my name on the porridge before I ate it. When I wrote my name on the porridge it reminded me of the "Latte Art", haha...... maybe next time I can try to draw a design on it.