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Modelling Clay Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most addictive game around recently. Now that my trial exam is over, I can have a short break and continue blogging. During the  days of examination, I do some revision during the night and head off to bed early. When I find some time in between the times I do revision, I quickly head off to my room and work out my project. According to the game, these 3 birds are the first 3 avian missiles in the group. As I am saving up clay for further "projects", I only made the small ones fingernail-size. It might look easy but for me the smaller I make it, the more challenging it is to create one. It also consumes a lot of time to make the smaller three. You see, some accident occurred and the yellow bird  eyebrows just didn't look that nice anymore. I am very upset that the yellow bird didn't look like just the way I wanted it.

The black bird was rather an easy task because it wasn't too small but the main problem was its crest and beak. For the white bir…