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FInal Exam Is Over! (^-^)

Ah, I feel so happy. Exam is finally over. I think some were pretty easy but others were some how difficult. Especially, the Pendidikan Moral and Pend. Sivik. I feel so free, now probably I might post more on my blog!

Next Tuesday (3/10/2009), is Children's Day. Our Maths teacher said that he might provide KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for our class on Children's Day because it is also my class monitor's birthday. I can't wait for Children's Day.

Today, some of classmate are going to my classmate mum's cafe to meet Ian Teng(who recently left our school). Too bad.. Ian didn't come.. It is a nice cafe.

After that, I went to the Perpustakaan Negara(also known as the National Library.) I borrowed 9 intresting books. Mwahaha.. now I won't feel so boring on weekends.

Comic # 2 - A Day Before My Exam

New Technology

Did you see this before? Can you imagine this is a "fan"? Few days ago, I saw this new technology produced from paper. It is so awesome! A fan without blades and no buffeting. This is called "Air Multiplier Fan."Convenient,eh?It is invented by James Dyson. He is an Englishman.
For more details just click Dyson.

Dedicated To My Old School Friends...........

Hi 4 Aman freinds, that was already 3 months I left the school, I miss you all. I know that you all are going to celebrate the "Children's Day" tomorrow, I have actually been invited by Aunt Kim (Nicole's mum), but I am so sorry that I can't go to SRSS tomorrow, because my exam is on next Monday, and these few days my teachers are giving us some revision, so my mum hopes that I won't skip class. Actually, I really wanted to go and have fun with you all. May God bless you all a wonderful Children's Day (^0^)

Yummy French Toast ^^

This morning, Mom didn't prepare breakfast for me, instead Dad cooked his best (actually he has limited recipe only =D) French Toast for me. It looks like quite easy to cook.... breads + eggs + sugar. The taste was nice, I brought some to school to share with my friends too.
If you wanna to learn how to make French Toast, maybe you can try this out.

Exam Was Postponed To Next Week

Mum bought me two books, one is titled "Help! I Have To Take A Test". This book explains how to prepare our exam, and what we should do during the exam......... I hope it will really works. Another book is " Get Organized Without Losing It" this is also a very motivated book because I always lose itemsss at school .
Due to some reason our headmaster announced that our exam has been postponed to start on 26-10-09.Yay! I have more days to do my revision, but since I transferred to this school for 3 months, I am still a little nervous for a few subject, especially the subjects in B.M but my Super Mum really helps me a lot, she coached me and guided me even though she is not so good in BM.

Visited To A Deepavali Open House

Today is the second day of the Deepavali, we have visited to our Indian friend's open house, She is my aunt's neighbor. She is very kind and invites us to her house every year, she cooks a lot of Indian food for us, this year she cooked some indian food for those who can't eat curry. I feel so happy to be a Malaysian, because we can always mix with others races and we can have so many types of food. The last photo is a Indian snack "Muruku" which is very crispy and tasty, I like to eat it so much :P

Stamps Collection ~ 09-10-09

^^^ First Day Cover ^^^

^^^Braille embossed RM1.00^^^

^^ Block Of 4 Designs of RM0.30 Stamps ^^


A set of stamps " A caring society give children their right" was issued on 09-10-2009.
Year 2009 is the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This legally binding treaty calls on all citizens of the world, from its leaders to each one of us; women, men, gilrs and boys, to live up to our duties to ensure every child survives and thrives, free of hunger, want, neglect and abuse.
The CRC demands from every one of us, as part of a caring society, to place children at the heart of human development. Not only because this offers a strong returnon our investment; nor because the vulnerability of childhood calls upon our compassion; but rather because that is every child's right.
For more infor about the CRC, visit

Church's Outing - Steamboat Dinner

Yesterday, our church elders invited the whole church to a steamboat dinner. There were about 8O people altogether. We ate at Yuen Restaurant which was located at Sunway Pyramid. There are "Eat All You Can" self service concepts. I had a great time with my friends, we ate a lot of seafood, Gerard's favourite food - green noodles, Joel's favourite - BBQ chicken Wingssss (Gerard and I counted he ate 14 pieces of chicken wings already, hahaha....) Of course we also had ice-cream as dessert.

Malaysian's Angpow ^-^

Yesterday, my school gave us an 'Ang Pao' for Deepavali. Actually, ang pao were used by Chinese people on Chinese New Year and their traditional ang pao colour is red. Since Chinese people are one of the greater races in Malaysia the other races also liked Chinese cultural they also learned to use ang pao on their festivals. The Malays gave ang pao on Hari Raya and their ang pao is green in colour and Indians on Deepavali will give their children the ang pao (blue colour). I think this is also our Malaysian great speciality. Hmmm...... I wonder if Christmas Day also has ang pao what colour will it be?

God Answer My Prayer ^^

Yesterday night before I slept, I asked my mum to pray for me because I hope to get a "Drawing Guide Book" from my science teacher - Teacher Faizol who said he will giving it to one of us in the class for free. My mum told me that she thought Teacher Faizol would not give it to me, because I am a new student in the school, and they were more children who deserved to get it instead of me, but I didn't give up, I prayed sincerely.........
Today, when it was our Science Lesson, Teacher Faizol came with the book, he was taking a nice look at the class, suddenly........ He called my name "Henry Chay" Yeah! Teacher Faizol gave me the book, it was real! He chose me, thank you Teacher Faizol & I wanted to thank God this year I am so blessed. God really always answers my prayers!

Astro boy Trailer

When I was revising my homework yesterday, Dad said he would bring me to watch Astro Boy after my exam, I'm so happy that I can't wait to watch the trailer at Youtube hehe....

An Extraordinary Advertisement form Thailand :D;

I watched an advertisement at youtube, it was so touching. It is a story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play violin against all odds.
The story also encourage that all of us can shine in different areas, and don't tease others. I like this advertisement, it is so special.

My First Comic ^^

Mooncake Festival 03-10-2009

03-10-09 (Saturday) was Mooncake Festival...
or someone will called it Mid-Autumn Festival, my
parents invited our relative gather together, my two
little cousin Man Qing & Hou Yue didn't come so they
were no one playing lantern =D. We just hang few
lanterns at our gate, we have a good time with family.

Earth Tremor at Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, someone invited my parents and Aunt Cindy to an Open Raya buffet, so my parents left me at Aunt Cindy's house. When they left, it was about 6:30 p.m. After a while, Brother John and I heard some people shouting,"Earthquake!" and some footsteps.

Minutes later, Aunt Sheong knocked at our door and told us to run. Brother John and I hastily ran down the stairs. To our surprise, we saw a lot of people outside the flat. While we were waiting there, Brother John told us that he was actually trembling while playing the computer. At first he thought he was having a headache then he only figured it out that it was the earthquake problem.

An old woman from the 17th floor said that her aquarium filled with water was waving like waves in the sea. My uncle told my mom about the incident and mom told me she was very worried about me at that time. 10 minutes after the incident, my uncle told me and Brother John that it was safe to return to the flat. It was a very scary expe…