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Chinese books (^__^)

28/08/2009 We went to a Christian merchandise exhibition and
my parents bought 5 interesting books for me.
They contain comics to explain the Bible and important
scriptures in Chinese, the comics are like the Koko and May
comic books. Even if I don't understand all the
Chinese words but my mom explains it to me.
It also contains some competitions like, drawing comics
by scriptures. I want to try it out!

An outing with my buddy to the KL Musuem

Aunty Yoong Hee brought Joel,my buddy and I to the KL Musuem. Actually, they also invited Jeremy. At the last minute, he had something on so he didn't come. On the way to the KL Musuem we passed by Istana Agong (The Palace)After that, we went to the KL Musuem. We visited the Orang Asli Musuem.There were a lot of natural combs which looked very beautiful. We also visited other parts of the musuem. In the musuem there was a 3-D movie at the prehistoric period Musuem. But since I didin't bring the camera, Aunty Yoong Hee captured a few photos for me. :-)

Palace of The Golden Horses, a 6 star hotel

My parents received a complementary hotel voucher when they attended a health check seminar. My parents and I went to Palace of The Golden Horses last week. It is a 6 star hotel in Malaysia .It was like a real palace there. I am so blessed by God. We slept like logs there the whole night.I prepared a slide show for all of you. Enjoy!!! (^-^)

My Dream Instrument

Friday (21/08/09), we went shopping to buy something for the church camp in Kuantan which is going to be held on (29/o8/09). While shopping, we passed by a musical instruments shop. My mom wished I can play saxophone. There was a saxophone music class. The salesman said if I want to learn saxophone they wouldn't provide the instrument, so I must buy a saxophone for the class and it costs RM2100++. Wow! So expensive. My mom think I cannot carry and always train myself daily with the heavy saxophone so she thought about it and she also want me to grow bigger first. Why am I so short!??
I'm thinking how can I find a second-hand and cheaper saxophone then maybe my mom will let me learn the saxophone class.

Playing Kite At Metropolitan Park

Sunday(16/08/09) My parents brought
me to Kepong Metropolitan Park. It was a
windy day, so I went to play my kite.
Look! There are a lot of kites flying in the sky.
Aw... I couldn't take the pictures clearly because
it was too high up in the sky :-(

The Amazing Fireflies

Last Saturday (15/08/09) our church's fellowship organized
a trip to Kuala Selangor to see the amazing fireflies.
We reached Kuala Selangor about 6.45pm, we had
a seafood dinner but it was not as delicious as we expected.
After dinner, we went to"Kampung Kuantan" which
was famous for its tourism for fireflies. The renting fees for a
"sampan*" was RM 40.00. Each sampan can carry 4 to
5 people. *sampan = wooden boat

  I was shivering a little in the beginning because the life guard told us the river has crocodiles...... but when
I saw the glowing firelies, my fear escaped.

 It was too difficult to capture photos in the dark :( My dad tried to capture a nice photo. Unfortunately,
we only captured a photo of a single firefly =X

I found this photo on the internet. It was exactly what I saw during the trip. The fireflies were surrounding the trees they made it look like Christmas trees.
It looked awesome!

Lunch Box (* v *)

Now my new school's canteen has so limited food compared to the old school. This morning, my mum prepared a lunch box for me, that was spinach noodle, ham, fish fillet and tomatoes. Some of my classmate admired me, because my mum was so good, she woke up at 5am to cook for me. Thanks mum!

A Great Movie - Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea

Today my dad bought me an exiting DVD of Miyazakis' collection again, one of the greatest movie is "Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea".
It describes about a 5 years old boy - Sosuke found a cute little magical fish, he named it Ponyo. One day, Ponyo licked Sosuke's blood and it became half manatee. Ponyo like Sosuke so much that it became human and lost it's magical abilities..........

This movie was created and directed by Miyazaki Hayao & his son Miyazaki Goro.

Increase 100 degrees T.Tlll

It was almost a year my Dad didn't bring me to check my eyes, so today when we were shopping at the Mines Shopping Centre he brought me to an optical to check my eyes.
Oh No! both of my eyes shortsighted increased by 100 degrees! The right side were from 275 to 400, and the left side were from 250 to 350. I really felt regretful that I never take care my eyes properly.
The new spectacle (steel frame) was cost RM98.00 (the front spectacle)
I actually prefer the old spectacle (plastic frame) which is lighter.

Hong Kong BB meets M'sia BB

Yesterday (08/08/09) during Boys Brigade (at SRSS), they were some Hong Kong Boys Brigade members who visited to our school.
The captain introduced themselves as the 23rd Boys Brigade Hong Kong Company. They have about 9 000 members in their company, they wanted to reach the number of 10 000 members in this year. They will stay in Malaysia for few weeks and they will visit another few Boys Brigade company in Malaysia too.

Chocolate Milk ice-cream ^o^

Today's weather was so stuffy, my mum taught me how to make
a very nice ice-cream. It was so simple. (^0^)
Buy a packet of Chocolate Milk or MiloPut it into the freezer until it becomes frozen.After a few hours, take it out from the freezer and cut the packet.
Take out the whole "Chocolate Milk Ice-Cream" and you can enjoy it now. That was so good, I enjoyed my ice-cream while doing my revision =D
Next Tuesday, is my exam in the new school.
I feel so nervous... exam so near.
I know! I shall pray to God.Lord, help
me understandthe secrets in the
exam and give me wisdom.

Oh, well anyway "Stressed" is "Desserts"
spelled backwards. After exam I shall be free!