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7 ~ 16 October 2011: Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

The Big Bad Wolf  Book Sale is back again! Last year, during the Big Bad Wolf  Book Sale I bought a lot of wonderful books with low prices so this year I take my time to head down to MAEPS Serdang where the Big Bad Wolf  returns. This time the invasion is bigger and I managed to afford a box full of books to read after my year end examination. Hehe . . . this time I will have no fear of boredom throughout my year end holidays. All my time shall be used up on reading the books I have bought recently.
     If you are a book worm just like me, here is a great opportunity to buy all the books you desired to have at this gigantic book sale. If you want a further explanation, please visit theBig Bad Wolf website.

Logos Hope visits Malaysia

Last Friday, Logos Hope sent a small group of its crews consisting of five people from five different nationalities to my school's Christian Fellowship. They came from Argentina, Finland , USA, Mexico and the Bahamas. Their visit began with introducing themselves followed by singing songs and worshiping the Lord together. After that, we  played some games and watched a short clip and get to know what Logos Hope was built for, what the crew do aboard and bits of history about this ship which is also the largest moving library in the world. This ship which currently stops at Port Klang travels around the world, selling books to help the countries that are facing poverty.
As this piece of the Logos story unfolded I had the wish that I could  go to Port Klang and experience this ship with my own eyes that coming weekend. God is so good!  On Sunday, my parents invited a few of our church members to visit the Logos ship after church. 

  The trip from our church in KL began from most proba…