Modelling Clay Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most addictive game around recently. Now that my trial exam is over, I can have a short break and continue blogging. During the  days of examination, I do some revision during the night and head off to bed early. When I find some time in between the times I do revision, I quickly head off to my room and work out my project. According to the game, these 3 birds are the first 3 avian missiles in the group. As I am saving up clay for further "projects", I only made the small ones fingernail-size. It might look easy but for me the smaller I make it, the more challenging it is to create one. It also consumes a lot of time to make the smaller three. You see, some accident occurred and the yellow bird  eyebrows just didn't look that nice anymore. I am very upset that the yellow bird didn't look like just the way I wanted it.

The black bird was rather an easy task because it wasn't too small but the main problem was its crest and beak. For the white bird, the basic shape, crest and tail was easy the real trouble was the beak and the eye pupils. The beak was a little to large and almost covered its right eye. The green bird took me a lot of time to finish it and it wasn't easy but it was almost perfect if  I didn't accidentally smudge its left eye. The easiest bird to make was the big red bird. Only its eyebrows and facial expression of deep anger proves a challenge.

As for the pigs I have used up a lot of green clay to make it as they are quite large. Even though large, these pigs are proving difficult in the "project". First problem up is their tiny ears with a dash of pink half the size of it. The next problem is I had to make their facial expression of stupidity without eyebrows. I made them look as if they're staring at nothing and the eye pupils had to be at both ends. The final problem is the snout. I have to make the mouth a perfect size or else the pig will look akward. However difficult, I made them perfectly normal except for a side effect problem; the king's crown. I believe I do have to improve on that in the future.
The finishing effect which is the slingshot plays a very important role in the "project". Anyway, what is Angry Birds without the slingshot? It is the most difficult thing to make in the entire project. Seems easy , looks easy, right? That's what I thought in the first place before making it. After making it , I realized its Y sides kept falling apart and looked more like a T and the rubber band part kept breaking until I rebuilt it. When I rebuilt it, I planned on putting an Angry Bird on it. . . . Finally I made a second one and it did not look nicer but it did not break and I could put the red bird on it. Whew . . . All this work is tiring but ... Project completed!


  1. wow! your angry birds look really good! i can see lots of hard work and effort put into it!

    hrm i don't remember seeing the green bird...what function does it have?

    i have less than two weeks until the new university semester. i have to try harder this time (T_T)

  2. Why don't you put up some advertisement in your blog?

  3. @Sister Grub,
    Thanks for praising me ^^, but this time my trial exam results are so poor :(

  4. @polite market
    I think I'm under age and I'm also don't know how to apply?


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