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Father's Day

Dad, I present you this delicious formal wear cake...... =D
.....and this sweater cake.
Sorry Dad, I  didn't buy you anything on Father's Day but I promise when I grow up I will really buy you such as these kinds of cakes for Father's Day ......=D

I did not post for a long time because my parents were shifting to a new office and I had not time to post .......
On Father's Day, I went  to Joel's pool party and had a fun time there. I did not get to celebrate Father's Day but my father told me as long as I'm a good boy to him, he can then enjoy Father's Day everyday :)

** thanks Matt, for sharing these photos with me**

Animal BFF's ~

Not only human have best friends, even animals have friendship too ^^

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World Ocean Day- 08/06/2010

08 June 2010- We (only three of us from my class and another boy from class 5B) followed our teacher visit to KLCC Aquarium Centre. The MIMA invited some schools to celebrate the World Ocean Day 2010. Our objective was to walk the turtles for at least 100 metres. We also learned some aquatic art from our teacher who is an artist. His art is impressive! He is also a very good teacher....
Just before lunch, I took a picture of myself at the  World Ocean Day poster  :D 

After a short Subway lunch, our teacher brought us to Aquaria KLCC. Here are some of the pictures I captured there: This is a picture of the tortoises and rather common fishes.....
These are the rarer fishes,sharks and some eels in the aqua tunnel.... This is a picture of me and a whole bunch of shark teeth.....
    After the experience we continued drawing. I did not take any pictures. We also got some certificates when we left. After that, when I got home I tried to imitate the "Penyu*" also known as the turtle my a…

Mid-Year Exam finally over !!!

Last week, my mid-year exams finally came to an end. Today, I got back all my results and overall, I am quite satisfied with my results except for my BM exam. I think I have to work harder to get a better result.I feel relieved by a strap of stress that just left me. I felt really under pressure when I was having my examination.  From now onwards, I can post on my blog more often....
On 8th June this year the World Ocean Day Drawing Workshop will be held at Aquaria, in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre for 10 of the Standard 5 students in my school. I am so glad that I have a chance to participate. The entrance fee and snacks will be sponsored by MIMA.