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Before my art exam, teacher gave us a picture, and we had to memorize this picture. My parents taught me how to draw and colour the picture, both of my parents like art too. My mum taught the colouring skill and my dad showed me how to put shadow. I'm so blessed that I have 2 great art teachers.

3 Aman Children's Day (27/09/2008)

Our school celebrated Children's Day on 27/09/2008 (Saturday). At 8.30am we all went to the assembly hall, some teachers and students presented dancing & drama shows for us.
At the same time, some of our parents were busy for preparing the foods and decoration our classroom.
About 9.30am when I went back to the classroom, I felt so happy because our classroom became very clean and decorated with the colourful balloon. Our parents were prepare the music, games, gifts, foods and party pack for us.
I would like to say thank you to my mum, all the parents and teachers, they gave us a wonderful memorable Children's Day.