Orientation Day

29th of December -  I  went to my secondary school for a brief information about the school, its history, rules and regulations, improvements and some forms for us to fill. I saw many new faces, I was relieved and  overjoyed to see some of  my other friends there too. This made me feel  like I was not the only one here all lost and alone. The English teacher also told us that beginning from year 2012, our school will provide the Cambridge IGCSE English open to a capacity of seventy students. I hope and pray that I will be chosen to join this class.
+ The shiny badges +
    After the orientation speech, we met up with the Boy's Brigade ( BB ) society and one of them showed us his armband studded with some nice, shiny badges. I didn't realize BB was so educational until then. Actually, I joined BB junior once when I was in my old school and earned white badge and green badge only.  I was so amazed there were so many badges in BB from the hiking badge to the camping badge. I think I will choose to join BB.


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