Guilin, China Trip (Day 3, 4)

The third day - After we checked out from the Longsheng Hotel, we took few hours to come back to Guilin, so we couldn't do much that day. At night, we walked along the riverside which was a short walk from our hotel.

The two pagodas behind us were said to be an amazing sight at night. In the  night, one shone brightly of a golden brown colour and the other shone a bright silver light upon the city.

Day 4 - We visited the biggest cave in Guilin - 冠岩Kwan'am Cave. As the entrance to the cave was quite narrow, we had to transfer to this mini-van .

This caving experience in China was quite special as we not only did everything on foot but also got to experience travelling by boat, train and lift for the first time.

During our travel by boat, the tour guide advised us not to put our hands up in the air and mind for our head as this part of the cave's top was close to the water.

 This part of the passageway covered by aluminium foil.

Inside the cave they placing colourful lights, the cave formation became more attractive. We saw a lot of the columns, stalactites,stalagmites.

Upon getting  out of the cave, we later took a visit to a waterfall. However, we first sat on some "Bamboo Boats"  and was later slowly sailed to the middle of a stream to listen to some women singing songs.  It was  like a short drama of the past.

We had to walk  45 minutes to reach 古东布瀑 Gudong Waterfall. the tour guide told us, on other seasons except for winter, people were able to face an exciting challenge by wearing straw sandals to walk on the waterfall. If you enlarge this picture, you might be able to see some holes on the water falls meant  for people to step on. 
Even we missed the chance climbing up to the waterfall, but we tried the sky lite when we coming down from the top within few minutes. 


  1. wow it's like you stepped into one of those olden times tvb dramas :P i think the women on the boats were singing "山歌 shan ge" mountain songs..not sure

  2. The two pagodas is beautiful.
    You did a very good experience.
    I think that there are a lot of places where it goes sightseeing in China.


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