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SIR Competition KL & Putrajaya 2010

Today when I watched TV3, the SIR (Spell-It-Right)competition held at  KL & Putrajaya. Our secondary school representative won a prize in secondary class. I hope I can get to  join this SIR (Spell-It-Right) competition next year. Actually, my English teacher gave me me a chance to participate in a spelling competition a month ago but since I was too nervous I backfired myself at the second round.I know I am not good but  I will start trying my best if  I am able to join it next time.................

Brother John's New Car ~

Brother John (my cousin) just had a new Myvi car.  It is a black limited edition Myvi car 2010. It has beautiful features with flower-like sides on the inside. The black surface is quite shiny too.     The seats are decorated with  a beautiful design. The radio is very beautiful too with limited edition flower-printed design. My mum and Aunt Cindy suggested Brother John's car as this colour but.... isn't it actually more lady-like? The Elegant Pink Myvi, lady-like :P  ....

A Postcard From Japan ~

This afternoon, I received a postcard from my Blogger friend. She let me know that Japanese like to send postcards to their friends during the summer period each year. I am very happy to get this postcard as my hobby is drawing. This picture is a manga character.  I think I will try to draw a manga in another post.

School Carnival 2010~

This is the  School Carnival of 2010. It was very fun that day. It felt like a funfair. Some parents and PIBG sold all kinds of things there.  Food, drinks,toys books,clothes and stationeries .... This is a picture of  Kit Kat and me ;)

This is the uncle who sells wonderful ballons.

I chose this ladybug balloon and it has a hand-strap too. Isn't it beautiful?

Before I left I bought a flower balloon for my mother. We had a wonderful time at the School Carnival 2010.
It was Report Card Day and our parents were interviewing our class teachers. And we students were left in class with a free teacher. As I decided to draw, I thought of a robot and after 10 minutes or so.... picture was complete.

After that we took a class picture together. Malay + Chinese + Indian = 1Malaysia!