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Is the world safe any longer?

Chicken             Little                  : The sky's falling on us!
Me( treating the movie like a joke): Yea, when pigs fly!
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Um, yea, I set an introduction for this post. As you can see, I just gotta believe that the Earth is facing some great problems out there. Goodness knows what it is, I don't care what happens out there but now the
danger is closing in, targeting into my school.
This is Henry, typing to you furiously about an MBSSKL incident that happened  just recently.It's all true.....just don't doubt and laugh or cry or anything. I'm fine or I wouldn't be typing this.

3-1-2013, marking the first day of Entrepreneurs Week---
I was rushing up on homework and sweating profusely in the heated classroom. When done, I realized I had five minutes left to eat. I quickly dashed downstairs only purchased some pizza. The bell rang after I gulped down another Milo stick after finishing…