Logos Hope visits Malaysia

Last Friday, Logos Hope sent a small group of its crews consisting of five people from five different nationalities to my school's Christian Fellowship. They came from Argentina, Finland , USA, Mexico and the Bahamas. Their visit began with introducing themselves followed by singing songs and worshiping the Lord together. After that, we  played some games and watched a short clip and get to know what Logos Hope was built for, what the crew do aboard and bits of history about this ship which is also the largest moving library in the world. This ship which currently stops at Port Klang travels around the world, selling books to help the countries that are facing poverty.
    As this piece of the Logos story unfolded I had the wish that I could  go to Port Klang and experience this ship with my own eyes that coming weekend. God is so good!  On Sunday, my parents invited a few of our church members to visit the Logos ship after church. 

  The trip from our church in KL began from most probably 3.00pm in the afternoon and it took us an hour's drive to get to Port Klang. By the time we got there it was approximately 4.00pm already. 

   It was so crowded at the port we need to queued for a long distance, we didn't complain so much because the weather was so good and we have a good time to chat with friends. By the time we got to the ship, it was almost dawn for it was 6.20pm in the evening already. 

We met up with the Logos Hope mascot resembling a captain  dressed in his complete uniform. He was shaking hands with everybody. I grasped upon this opportunity to shake hands with him and capture a picture of it as a wonderful remembrance of this moving library twice as big as any other   =D
Mentioning of the word library, I recall how beautiful the ship was. It was indeed my pleasure to see a library in a ship. Most of the books are somehow in a unique way related to the Lord.  Overall, this trip to the Logos Hope ship was astounding  and I hope I can see this moving library again.


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