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Transfering to another school

Boo hoo...... I'm so sad to leave my school, my friends and my teachers.
In about 2 days I'll have to transfer from my lovely school, Sri Sempurna to a government school. I wonder if I move on to a new school what would be my feelings like?




Hope I still can keep in touch with my friends and teachers..............

My Imaginated Story - The Peace Mage & Spike Snurtle"

This morning, I picked up an unused scrapbook
and drew a story called
"The Peace Mage & Spike Snurtle."
This is the book cover of my scrapbook.


Nowadays, almost all my friends play CUBES. My dad
bought me a 3 x 3 Cube & a Pyramix Cube.

The Pyramix Cube is easier to play compared to the
3 x 3 Cube. Within my first day, I solved all 4 sides.
(Hahaha.... actually it doesn't need any formulas)

But......... this 3 x 3 Cube is so difficult that I took 7 weeks
learn all the formulas. Now I can solve all the sides. I must
train myself to improve and be faster.

I'd like to share this website with you all


22/06/09 Monday, this morning my school
principal told us about Influenza A (H1N1)
There were already two schools which is in
K.L and P.J has been closed for a week after
the local transmission of the influenza A (H1N1)
virus were detected in the school.

If anybody has the above symptoms. Please go
to a clinic to avoid any delay getting worst.
We love our nation,
We love our family.

Lunch at Bar.B.Q Plaza

Last Saturday, Aunt Lisa blessed me a
wonderful lunch - Indoor Barbeque
This was my first indoor grilling experience
The package includes bacon, pork slice,
lamb slice, some Japanese style toufu,
vegetable...............etc, can't remember all.
Taste of food I gave 4 star
Enviroment I gave 3 star
Service I gave 2 star

Happy Father's Day

21/06/2009 - Happy Father's Day
He is a man of holy,
from his hands and heart,
He gives a great big hug,
to me every night.

He is a man who humbles,
when others explains,
Even if he looks untidy,
his heart is clean and pure.

Although he always judge me,
I know he judged me fair.
He is My Dad who cares for me,
Wherever I am.

Chinese Painting 2

This time I draw a hedgehog. Hehe.... I started with these three dots...................................
After that, I draw it's head and foot, Opps! The nose is too big and the foot is too long... hahaha

Add some spikes on the body, and add some cherries.........

Can you see a book on the left top? I am actually
learning the chinese painting from this book which
my dad bought for me.

Yeah!I complete the whole picture.... it's so fun to learn

Learning how to make muffins

Last Sunday, I went to Aunt Lisa's house. She taught me how to make muffins. Actually, it is quite easy because we use the simple ingredients:

Mixed muffin flour, egg, butter, fresh milk, sweet corn & muffin cup

Holidays hv ended (T_T). Today we hv to go to school again. I bought three muffins to school to share them with Joel and Joshua. Mmmmmm......................

Kuala Lumpur City Library

Today I am going to introduce the Kuala Lumpur City Library which is located at Dataran Mendeka, Jalan Raja Kuala Lumpur. The building behind me is the adults section which is only allowed for the age 13 and above to go in, whereas the children section is in another block which is just next to this building. This is the children section library, the outlook is not as elegant as the adults library, but the inside is not bad..............

See... this is the inside of the children library, there is so clean
so neat and many books to choose, my parents are so good
almost once a month bring me to the library, that's why many
classmates also know that I really a bookworm. :D

I found this location map from the Goggle Search.
For more details you can log in to the website:

Swimming Refreshens me! ^_^

These few days are so hot! I could really be sunburned, so I went swimming. We went to Bukit Jalil Public Swimming Pool, there were so many people, it is so difficult to find empty pool for me to swim.
I just started to learn swimming in March'09, now I know Breast Stroke/Frog Style.

8TV's Ultimate Power Group Grand Finals

Have you been watching 8TV's Ultimate Power Group? The Grand Final were between three groups which are "FRIENDZ", "STARBOYS", and "YATOU". Yesterday, my aunt gave us some free tickets to watch the live - Ultimate Power Group Grand Final Show which was held at Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur.

We were wearing Green Shirt to show support to the "FRIENDZ" group. The show started at 8pm, the three groups were so talented. They can dance and sing very well, so cool............
Took few photos, but because very long distance can't capture very nice photos so I just upload two photos of the live show :(

To see more about the Grand Finals, you can log into
And, the Grand Final Result is:
Champion = "FRIEND"
2nd = " STARBOYS"
3rd = " YATOU"

Chinese Painting

This morning my Dad taught me how to paint Chinese Paintings. Awesome! 1) Firstly, draw a petal, it looks like a "pau", haha...

2) Continue with a few petals............

3) Next, draw a few patches, which represents the leaves...

4) Lastly, use a thin brush to draw the veins of
the leaves with a darker tone.

Well, this is the complete chinese painting!

Thanks for visitng my blog!!!

Click the picture to view what I wanna to say
Hi, Today I just wanna to say "Thank you" for all of you who is always visit to my blog, without your visiting, that is no meaning for me to write the blog, because of you all, I will try to do better and better.... If you don't mind, you can send me an email or left down some words in my chat box, at least I can keep in touch with you. Thank you!