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Collection of Ang Pau

It is so great that every year I can receive ang pau during Chinese New Year, I  will save the money to buy some story books after my exam. This year I received some ang pau with beautiful design, I decided to collect it in an album as a "Ang Pau Collection album".

 the cutiest ang pau set
 the pink colour ang pau set
 the gold colour ang pau set
the deluxe ang pau set
the traditional ang pau set

The 15th Day of Chinese New Year 2010

Today is the 15th Day of Chinese New Year, it is also the first full moon in the Chinese Calendar. We call it 元宵节. The Chinese people are celebrating their New year for 15 days.  1st Day of Chinese New Year :  We will like to wear red colour garments its mean happy and fortune. Some people will abstain meat on this day because they believe that this will ensure long and happy life for them. We can't sweep the floor because the old people believe that the wealth will sweep out from the house :) 2nd Day of Chinese New Year:The son-in law will go back to their mother-in law house to pay respect. 3rd Day ~ 6th Day of  Chinese New Year:Visit relatives and friends freely. 7th Day of Chinese New Year: It is considered the birthday of human being, we would like to have gathering dinner with family or friends at a restaurant. 8th Day of Chinese New Year: Hokkien 福建人 (One of the Chinese Races) will invite their friends to have  a dinner at their house and pray their God at the midnight  for  the…

Good Memorables of Japan ^^

After my trip to Japan, there are something I would like to post on my blog for my memory....
I like to eat this rice, it contains some sesame, seaweed and some pink leaves. "Natto" a food that brings longevity.

Japan curry really very nice! It's very fragrant and is not too spicy

This was the first time I tried "curry popcorn". Dad bought it from Disneyland. The Chip N Dale container is a good remembrance for my Japan trip ^^

This brand of  this cup noddle is cheaper and nice, it is about 120~168yen (RM 6). It has a lot of seafood such as slice scallop and squid.... 
Mum bought this green tea ice-cream from the vending machine.It is very tasty!
The shape look like a burger, but actually is an ice-cream, special!

Japan cakes..... beautiful and delicious!

Bento, luxurious set but a bit expensive, there will have a 50% discount after every lunch time or dinner time.

The high speed bullet train-

Their petrol station is different from Malaysia's petrol station, their petro…

Japan Trip - the 6th Day (17-02-2010)

Morning, we had photo stopped atOsaka CastleWe triedTakoyaki at the park but it was too soft, the tour guide told us, if we wanted to taste the original takoyaki, we must go to the Osaka Takoyaki Museum(but we didn't have a chance to visit there, because we didn't have enough time).
We went to Universal Studio, Osaka.  
The naughty Popeye kept on stomping towards dad when dad was trying to capture a photo for us.

The Spider-man 4D effect Studio: The Daily Bugle was quite interesting. I felt like Spider-man's sidekick when I was there. It was a bit slow first but while fighting the strong villains, we had to move quickly. 

Sherk's 4D movie was very exciting and "Terminator" also very nice but we missed the "Back To The Future".
Jurassic Park: The Ride; was very nice. It showed really  beautiful and realistic dinosaurs but it was a bit scary when we entered the prohibited area. We h…

Japan Trip - the 5th Day (16-02-2010)

Toyohashi / Kyoto
Most of the Japanese are Buddist, so they have many temples in their country. This is Klyomizu Temple. The Main Hall is the major attraction due to its broad wooden veranda which built by the wooded canyon without any bolt or nut.

Photo with two Japanese ladies who are wearing Kimono
 Here also a famous tourism point, along the road was so many souvenir shops  
Uncle Patrick blessed us two ice-creams, one was green tea flavor, another one was black sesame flavor, both flavors were very tasty!! 
In the afternoon, we had a tempurna lunch set before we eat, we had to put the radish in the sauce for the tempura. Since tempura were all deep fried and we dip the tempura in the sauce it would help reduce some oil.
After lunch, we enjoyed a Kimono fashion show at Nishijin Kimono Center
We took a Shinkansen ride that was about 15 minutes to arrive Osaka. The bullet train service started more than 40 years ago. It is the most busiest high-speed train in the world. Japanese often use …

Japan Trip - the 4th Day (15-02-2010)

It was snowing when we went to Mt.Fuji, we were only allowed to enter to the 1st station.

Due to the weather, snow and mist covered the view. we couldn't see Mt. Fuji, but I  liked the snow view, this was my first time to see snowing. The whole area was covered by snow.

I had fun playing snowball with my friend and family.

a short video - snowing

After leaving Fuji-Hakone, we visited to Peace Park, the tour guide said the best season to visit Japan is April, because there will be Sakura trees all along the street.
This park also has big binoculars which allow us to have a better view of  Mt. Fuji. 
The vending machine is easy to find anywhere in Japan, it was so convenient for all of us. I think Japanese like to drink coffee, because the vending machine has a lot of coffee choices.

We bought this ice-cream from the vending machine, it was green tea flavour covered by wafer, It was very nice!

Lake Ashi Cruise - We had a 15 minutes ride…